Thank you for your interest in advertising on Anktangle! Right now I'm offering graphic advertising as well as review/giveaway opportunities.

Prepaid pricing for a 125x125 graphic unit in the sidebar (ads are rotated evenly and randomly within my sponsor section):
In some cases, I'd be willing to barter products or services in exchange for hosting your ad on Anktangle.

I'm interested in promoting small businesses as well as companies that align with my values and ideals. These types of companies include:
  • Companies that offer products relevant to a natural parenting lifestyle — particularly any small or parent-run companies, eco-conscious businesses, baby boutiques, nursing boutiques, Etsy sellers, eBay sellers, and mom-and-pop businesses that cater to the natural parenting crowd
  • Babywearing and baby carrier brands
  • Elimination communication or gentle potty-learning companies
  • Cosleeping product lines
  • Cloth diaper sellers and manufacturers
  • Companies that design or provide breastfeeding products that help promote breastfeeding as normal and natural while helping nursing mothers feel comfortable and confident
  • Stores that sell or design baby, children’s, or women’s clothing that is organic, unique, and made with respect
  • High-quality toy stores or toy designers, particularly those who sell wooden, hand-crafted, organic, or fair-trade toys
  • Makers or authors of children’s books, games, DVDs, and bilingual or baby sign language items that would be well received by parents interested in natural learning
  • Manufacturers or sellers of women’s products, such as organic and natural health and beauty items
  • Companies promoting organic or eco-conscious items for the home
  • Authors or sellers of books and magazines on relevant parenting topics that share a common perspective with Anktangle readers
Once you tell me a little about your company and what you would like to advertise, I'll be able to tell you whether it's a good fit for my readers. If you're interested in exploring advertising or review/giveaway opportunities with Anktangle, contact me through my contact form or via email:

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