I'm a work from home momma to three year old Daniel and baby Joel. I spend my days holding the space for my kids as they grow and discover all the wonders this world has to offer. I feel incredibly blessed to have these young people in my life, and I learn from them every day. I also enjoy my "crunchy" domestic life: cooking, gardening, creating, and writing about all of it.


The name "Anktangle" comes from a conversation that failed miserably I had with Jaymz when I was pregnant with Daniel. I wrote about it here (including some questionable scientific "facts" about the cause of pregnancy-induced brain fog). Basically, I couldn't remember how to pronounce the word "rectangle," but I was convinced I was saying it correctly (as "anktangle") ...and Jaymz almost crashed the car because he was laughing so hard.

I've made a commitment to being unapologetically honest in what I write here, while continuing to be mindful of the feelings of others. This means (among other things) that I don't sugar-coat the difficulties I sometimes have as a parent, and I also sometimes write about conflict or controversial topics. I never intend to hurt anyone, and I take great care to understand and consider perspectives different than my own. I welcome respectful discussion on any topic, even if we fundamentally disagree. Just please know in advance that none of my writing is meant as an attack on you; I promise. I am simply writing my truth, and truth is something I place very high value on. Truth is my identity. Sat Nam.


Jaymz is my partner and co-parent on this journey. He's a software engineer who is generous enough to coach me through some of the more confusing technical aspects of blogging. We've been connected all our lives in some ways, but we've been friends since high school, together since 2006, and married since 2008. He's still my best friend in the world.

In May 2010, Daniel was born at home in water with only Jaymz and our midwives in attendance. Baby D tried to come too early and then took his sweet time getting here in the end, but I wouldn't trade my labor and birth experience for anything.

Daniel has Sensory Processing Disorder (SPD), a neurological condition that affects the way his brain interprets sensory input. I write about sensory processing some, since it affects so many aspects of our family life. I wrote our story of Daniel's early diagnosis and intervention (at just seven months old), which is published in the book Sensational Journeys: 48 Stories of Sensory Processing Disorder by Hartley Steiner.

Baby Joel was born at home January 2014. I'm still working on writing his birth story—stay tuned!

Jaymz and I practice many aspects of natural (and secure attachment focused) parenting, including gentle, physiological birth, full-term breastfeeding, babywearing, cloth diapering, elimination communication, gentle discipline, and ecologically-conscious living. I follow my instincts and intuition as much as I can, and it has led me down this path and to this parenting style. I completely respect that this is not the best fit for all families, and I have no expectations that you should make the same choices I do.

I have an Etsy shop, Anktangle Creations, which features handmade items for home and family. It's a fun way for me to be creative without keeping everything I make. I hope you'll stop by my shop and take a look around!

I also have the honor of attending births as a Labor Doula, primarily through providing backup to my doula partner, Crystalyn Reed. I love being witness to the power, magic, and mostly the divine that is present in birth.


I'm happy to answer any questions you have, or just have a chat with you! I also welcome your submissions of original guest posts, which you can learn more about here.

Please feel free to contact me via email: anktangle@gmail.com, through my contact form, or connect with me on Facebook and Twitter. (It may take me a few days to answer emails, but it doesn't mean I don't care!)



Anktangle is continuously accepting guest posts from other bloggers. I am honored to host fresh content and new perspectives from other gifted writers!

For ideas about what to write, feel free to browse my archives to see what areas I focus on most. My ongoing topics include: pregnancy, natural childbirth, breastfeeding, babywearing, elimination communication, intactivism, gentle parenting, gardening, recipes, crafts, environmentally-conscious living, and parenting a child with high-needs/special needs.

  • Activities for young children and family
  • Creative snacks and meal-planning ideas
  • Preparation for pregnancy, birth, breastfeeding, and parenting
  • Meditation, yoga, and other spiritual and mindfulness practices
  • Positive/gentle discipline
  • DIY craft projects (sewing/home/etc.)
  • "Green" lifestyle choices
  • Anything you're an expert on or you're passionate about!

I also have a running series on balance, and I welcome your thoughtful contributions on any aspect of this topic: work, family life, self-care, food—you name it!

Your contribution does not have to fit into any of the specific areas listed above, but it must not be in direct opposition to my overarching gentle, intuitive parenting philosophy. (For example, posts which are pro-spanking or CIO will not be accepted.)

When possible, I'd appreciate your contribution to contain the following elements:
  • Your original piece (not previously published) in html format
  • An attached related photograph (which you have permission to use)
  • A short bio for you which links to your blog, if applicable

If you're interested in submitting a guest post to Anktangle or you'd like to learn more, please contact me through my contact form or via email: anktangle@gmail.com. Thank you!


Sometimes I write things for other people, and I keep a running list of them here:


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