Sunday, November 10, 2013

Sleepy Sunday

Jaymz and I took a risk yesterday.

You see, we were chugging along, having a relatively normal Saturday—normal except for the fact that we had been exceptionally effective at checking items off of our "To Do" list—and we decided to run a couple of errands. It was around 11 AM, so we knew we didn't have a ton of time to get things done before we'd need to come home for lunch and nap time.

So what did we decide to do? We headed out to do two of the most overstimulating (and as such, not my most favorite) things I can think of: retail shopping in the last quarter of the year, and going to IKEA.

There's just something about IKEA that is extra-draining to the body. I'm not sure if it's the sheer size of the place, the bright lighting, the wall-to-wall brightly-colored, multi-textured stuff everywhere, or the way it's almost impossible to navigate without a map—but the place is exhausting. Regardless, we went in the store for two things... and a little over an hour later we were leaving with a handful of other things that we remembered while we were trying desperately to stay focused on the task at hand. At that point, we were already totally exhausted, but not ready to concede the trip and go home.

One of us comes up with the brilliant idea: What if we just skip nap?

YES! Perfect.

We agreed to plow through the fatigue and move on to our next task: shoe shopping. (Jaymz and I had put off this task for so long that we were both replacing multiple pairs of shoes that literally have holes in them.) The shoe shopping trip was not nearly as efficient as IKEA. (Wow, I just re-read that sentence several times because I thought it didn't make sense; shopping at IKEA is not at all efficient.) Still, we managed to tag-team parent Daniel while assisting each other in getting the correct sizes and price-comparing until we left with suitable replacement shoes for our busted ones. Success!

At that point it was 4 PM. Daniel was completely wound up from being around half of the population of Portland at IKEA and the other half at the shoe store, and he was minus one nap for the day. But you know what? Overall, it wasn't as difficult as I thought it would be. He didn't have any major meltdowns, and we completed what we wanted to get done.

When we got home I made dinner, we ate together, and Jaymz promptly put Daniel to bed. We were all thoroughly beat, and J and I went to bed early, too.

I feel conflicted about this risk we took: Was our day actually easier without nap? Daniel fell asleep quickly at bedtime, but it's not as if we were able to take advantage of the extra child-free evening hour (as we do during midday nap time), because Jaymz and I went to sleep, too. I certainly don't feel ready to give up my parenting break and rest time after lunch each day, but if Daniel's night time sleep period extends in both directions, our nights and mornings could get a lot easier.

The jury's still out, but today will most likely reveal whether or not eliminating nap yesterday was a good idea or not. (I'll let you know!) One thing I'm sure of is: I'm definitely taking a nap today.


  1. Update for the curious: The experiment was essentially a bust. The next day was really difficult and Daniel only ended up sleeping one extra hour at night (at the beginning). So, the result was less sleep overall and a cranky, clingy kiddo. Live and learn!

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