Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Middle of the Second (Pregnancy)

I've made it to (or perhaps past?) the midpoint of this pregnancy, so I thought I'd write a little update on what's going on with me as baby #2 and I grow together:

Food Cravings: Fish, nuts, dark chocolate, bacon paired with cream cheese or sour cream, and lime seltzer (had this one with Daniel, though then I liked to mix it with cranberry juice and this time I'm into tropical flavored Recharge).

Food Aversions: Raw eggs, meat, poultry or fish. Cooking animal protein has been challenging lately, but Jaymz has been very helpful!

Body Changes: I've outgrown all of my pants, and I've been in maternity clothes for a while now. The maternity clothes I saved from last time are all wrong (both in size and season) so I was grateful to stumble upon a fall sale recently. I'm also hoping to snag a few hours soon to make a few maternity items for myself.

I needed to buy bigger bras a couple weeks ago, so now I'm back up to the size I was a week after Daniel was born (a few days after my milk came in, at the beginning of the major engorgement period of those first few months). Does this mean they're going to be even bigger this time?!

Last I checked at the midwives' office, I'm (still) weighing in at two pounds below my pre-pregnancy weight, which is slightly baffling to me. Regardless of what the scale says, I know my body is doing exactly what it needs to do for this baby: I feel great and my measurements are right on track. I just can't help but continue to be surprised at the huge number of ways this pregnancy has been different than my first!

Sleep: Um, what sleep? No, really, I'm sleeping alright but I get up to pee a few times per night and it takes me a little while to get comfortable and fall asleep again. Our sleep woes have much more to do with Daniel's sleeplessness than my pregnancy, so... there's something to be grateful for, I suppose!

Movement: This is a very active baby! S/he likes to kick my bladder when it gets full, seemingly reminding me to empty it so s/he has more space in there. The baby has consistent active and rest periods throughout the day, with hir most active time being at night right when I'm trying to fall asleep.

Other Symptoms: I've had a bit of heartburn (papaya enzyme helps), a few leg cramps during the night (fewer if I supplement with magnesium during the day), and some trouble with instability in my pelvis. (I'm so grateful for my chiropractor!) Overall though, I feel a lot better physically this pregnancy than during my pregnancy with Daniel. At this point last time, I had just gotten through the last of the morning sickness, but that passed for me this time nearly 8 weeks ago.

All in all, this pregnancy has been much easier on my body than my first one, and I'm looking forward the second half feeling hopeful that it continues in this way! I'm starting to feel a bit nesty, so I've been cooking more and trying to organize and make some improvements around the house as well. I've got several recipes in the queue to share, so stay tuned for those.

Anything else you're curious to know? Ask away!

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  1. Congratulations on making it to your halfway mark! I am just behind you...just two more weeks and I'll be there.

    I am on my third pregnancy, and though it has not been easy, like yours it is easier than the pregnancies that came before. Gratitude.

    Looking forward to reading more updates as you progress on this beautiful adventure!

    1. Thank you! I'm glad to hear your pregnancy is going smoothly and feeling easier this time. I feel like I have less to say about my pregnancy this time around, but I'm still writing as much as I can because I know how grateful I will be later to be able to look back at what I've written and remember each pregnancy for its unique quirks and perks.

  2. Amy, I am 19 weeks Pregnant with #2! Feeling a lot of the same changes as you are.

  3. Pregnancies can be SO different! I'm glad that your pregnancy seems to be going along uneventfully (I don't think that's a word). Just wait.. newborns can be SO different, too!

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