Friday, October 25, 2013

Friday Favorites: Preschool, Pears, & Picnic

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In addition to the linky, I'm taking this opportunity each week to write a little bit about my favorite moments from the past week. I hope you'll feel inspired to leave a comment telling me about your favorite thing(s) that happened this week, too!

These are a few of my favorite things:

We've had a very full week around here! It started off with me getting sick again with another head cold (boo!) but I'm so grateful that Jaymz was able to take a day off of work so I could take care of myself. I'm still not totally better yet, but I'm definitely on the mend.

Daniel had a haircut at the barber shop this past weekend. It was only his second haircut that I didn't do at home, and though he was a bit wary of the stylist, he made it through and was happy in the end to have had it done. 

Jaymz, Daniel, and I went out looking for an inexpensive—but large—bookshelf for a home project this past weekend and we were lucky enough to find one at the very first place we looked! (I had actually priced a few out at other stores, but we hadn't been successful in finding the right one for us.) The bookshelf was at a funky thrift store near our house, and the price was right, so we put down a deposit to hold it until we could figure out how to haul it home. Thankfully, my friend Arwyn volunteered to help us, and she and Jaymz went back to pick up the bookshelf on Sunday. Arwyn even helped Jaymz carry it up the stairs to the second floor, and it fits perfectly in the room. You rock, Arwyn—thanks again!

Daniel also completed another morning at his new preschool this week, and he'll be going back again later this morning for a while, too. He's having a really challenging time transitioning to this new place, but I'm still feeling hopeful that with enough support, he'll adjust to it in time. This afternoon I have a meeting with his teacher and the school's curriculum coordinator (who is facilitating the sensory accommodations for Daniel) to get us all on the same page about how to best support Daniel in this preschool setting. Wish me luck!

I canned three quarts of pears the other night with Jaymz's help. I bought a 20lb case of pears a few weeks ago and (seemingly) all of a sudden one day they were ripe and ready for processing. I slated a little less than half of them for canning (with cinnamon and allspice in a rum syrup), and the rest will hopefully be processed in various ways this weekend: dried, muffins, and a pear crisp!

I have really been enjoying experimenting with canning and preserving these past few years. It's definitely a lot of work to process all the produce that goes into making a batch of something to bottle, but there's just nothing like the feeling of satisfaction I get from looking at a fresh batch of jam or applesauce and knowing I made it. I also really like knowing exactly what is in my food and where those ingredients originated. Plus, I love being able to gift home-canned goods to friends and family throughout the year! I'm hoping to get a pressure canner one of these days so I can safely preserve an even larger variety of foods.

We had a dinner picnic in the park one night this week with my friend Kelly and her daughter and their family friend. I so enjoyed eating outside in the fresh air as the sun went down and visiting with Kelly; it was definitely very renewing for me. Daniel seemed to really like swinging at the park in the dark once all of the other kids had left. Usually he's not too fond of being in the dark, but I think the peaceful park environment along with the motion of the swing was a perfect combination for him

What was one of your favorite moments from the week?

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