Friday, September 27, 2013

Friday Favorites: Road Tripping

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These are a few of my favorite things:

We drove by many fields full of growing pumpkins.
We went on a little road trip to Central Oregon last weekend due to a work retreat Jaymz attended through his job. He traveled with some workmates on Thursday and Daniel and I followed in our car on Friday; the three of us returned together on Sunday. Daniel was looking forward to our trip very much and as we set off on Friday he was telling me how excited he was to get to our destination and hang out with Papa's "coworker family."

I really enjoyed the beautiful scenery on our drive. The mountains, evergreens, and other plant and wildlife were all simply gorgeous. I pointed things out to Daniel as we drove, and he and I had various conversations about weather and nature along the way. We even discussed forest fires for a while in the middle of our trip, after passing a section of burned down tree stumps. I love those spontaneous learning (unschooling) times where he expresses curiosity about something and I get to share what I know or learn together with him in the moment.

On our drive there, I was having fun pointing out the cows, horses, and other animals in fields along the way. I would see them ahead and describe where they were to Daniel so that he would look for them as we passed. After we drove by the first few groups of cows and horses, Daniel piped up to ask, "Momma? Why are you talking about animals?!" (Ha! Silly me, I thought he'd find them interesting.)

Later that evening, Jaymz and one of his coworkers, Shai, were talking to Daniel about our journey there. Shai asked Daniel, "Hey Daniel, have you seen any animals around here?" and Daniel responded, "Yeah!" Then Shai asked, "What kind of animals did you see?" Daniel replied, "Oh... Well, Momma saw some animals."

That kid cracks me up! Clearly it takes more than a few cows and horses to impress him!

Daniel had a lot of fun running around behind the house where we were staying, playing with sticks and co-opting our housemates into playing pretend with him out there. He also enjoyed giving us all tours of the house, playing with the foosball table in the garage, and (of course) watching cartoons on the big TV in the living room. There were definitely some very difficult parts of the trip, but I'm very grateful for those easier, happy moments that we shared together.

On our trip back, Jaymz and I searched for this road sign I had seen on my drive there so I could take a photograph of it, and we found it!

for my favorite sister ♥

What was one of your favorite moments from the week?

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  1. Silly Momma! Of course cows and horses don't count. :)


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