Friday, September 13, 2013

Friday the 13th Favorites: Help a mama out!

Welcome to Friday Favorites: a weekly linky for your favorite blog posts from the week co-hosted by Maya of Musings of a Marfan Mom and me!

In addition to the linky, I'm taking this opportunity each week to write a little bit about a my favorite moments from the past week. I hope you'll feel inspired to leave a comment telling me about your favorite thing(s) that happened this week, too!

I'm not gonna lie, we had an extremely challenging week here. None of us got much sleep at all, we have shed many tears, and everyone is at the end of their respective ropes. Thankfully, we have a plan about how to move forward, and Daniel's team of providers is surrounding us with support, so I'm feeling hopeful.

Instead of writing about my favorite moments from the week (because this was a week I'd rather not re-live) I'm hoping you'll do me a favor: spam the comments with uplifting videos, pictures of kittens, happy or silly stories, tried-and-true self-care practices, beautiful Pinterest boards... anything you think might bring a smile to my face. Help me start this next week off on the right foot!

I'll get the ball rolling with a moment I captured this week:

Look! A cute kid covered in bubbles!

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  1. Moira took a GREAT picture of Davis and I with Mickey Mouse:

  2. Also, (adult) kids having fun with their parents:

  3. AND the best soccer photo shoot:

  4. Here is my Pinterest board of Incredible Images. I find it a good place to "get lost" for a moment and just enjoy the awe of nature.

    Have a good week!

    1. Forgot the link!

  5. Sorry you had such a bad week, but Pinterest is my go to happy place. I don't have any links, but you could just type in a keyword & see what you get.

  6. I dont have any links to contribute, but I do love this idea!! It's nice to see happy pictures. :)

  7. Such a sweet photo. I can not wait to move into a house that has a tub again. Something I believe my kids are really missing out on right now. Here is a post of some cute kids at a drive in.

  8. You all rock! Thank you so much. <3


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