Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Less-Words Wednesday: Vacation Day One

We just arrived back home from some time away visiting with family, but this is how I kicked off our vacation:

I injured my wrist while pulling a bag from a conveyor belt in airport security in Portland—before we'd even boarded our first flight of the day. For the rest of the day it hurt and swelled up quite a bit, but thanks to an ice pack in one of our bags of snacks, I was able to ice it some during the trip. By the time we went to bed that night, my elbow had swelled up even more than my wrist, and Jaymz encouraged me to go get it checked out.

After a visit to urgent care the next morning, I learned that I'd messed up some tendons in my right (dominant) wrist and elbow. The braces have definitely been helping to support (and rest) everything while I heal, so I should be all better in a few more days at this point. I've been learning to use my left hand in lots of new ways, and I'm definitely gaining some valuable insights about being a lefty in a world set up for right-handed people!

This is certainly not how I expected to spend this trip... but all said, it could've been much worse!

Do you have an away-from-home injury anecdote to share? I would enjoy reading your stories in the comments! 


  1. I am a walking away-from-home injury! For real! But my best story is not about me! When we were in Europe, my friend fell off a bus and unknowingly broke her ankle. When she stood up, the pain was so bad she passed out. I did not speak French and was screaming whatever French words I knew trying to get attention. Finally, we got some help. But since no one in our group spoke a lot of French, the hospital ended up sending her away with pain killers and nothing else. No xray - nothing. She hobbled around Europe for another week with a broken ankle. Total warrior! But she did a lot of damage to it because of that!

  2. I got food poisoning on our honeymoon. I literally turned green.

  3. I was helping my sister in Seattle move when I was going to college in Vancouver when I dropped a sheet of glass and a shard of it gouged a giant cut in my neck. I had to head home for work early the next day, so her MIL patched me up and gave me something for the shock and I headed to the border. It was the quickest crossing I've ever had, because as soon as the guard saw the giant bloody bandage on my neck, they waved me through.


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