Friday, May 3, 2013

Friday Favorites: Three Day Weekends

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In addition to the linky, I've decided to take this opportunity each week to write a little bit about a my favorite moments from the past week. I hope you'll feel inspired to leave a comment telling me about your favorite thing(s) that happened this week, too!

These are a few of my favorite things:

Jaymz has taken a few Mondays off recently, which has given our family a few three day weekends in a row! It's been amazing to me to experience how much more restful and productive our weekends feel with that extra day at the end. Plus, then our work weeks start on Tuesday, which helps them to move along at a quicker pace (and helps us all to avoid getting a case of the Mondays). My favorite things during our long weekends recently were: working in the garden together, cooking and eating meals together, and seeing the house start to get cleaner and more organized little by little.

Flowering rosemary in Arwyn's yard
It's been so warm here the past couple of days. I've really been enjoying the sunshine! It's often cloudy in the beautiful Pacific Northwest, and these summery rays we've had lately feel good to the soul. I know the new little plants in the garden are soaking it all in, too!

I spent a blissful morning this week wandering idly around Portland Nursery: breathing in the smell of all the plants, reading about different varieties of houseplants, vegetables, and flowers, and then carefully choosing a few of them to take home with me. My visit to the nursery was a welcome break from our usual (faster) pace of life. It felt like an extended version of my garden meditation, and I think I really needed it.

What was your favorite moment from the week?

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