Friday, May 17, 2013

Friday Favorites: The Purple Airplane

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In addition to the linky, I'm taking this opportunity each week to write a little bit about a my favorite moments from the past week. I hope you'll feel inspired to leave a comment telling me about your favorite thing(s) that happened this week, too!

These are a few of my favorite things:

Daniel and I had a lovely trip to the zoo with my friend Katie and her three adorable kiddos last Friday. It was a little challenging for Daniel, but we made it through in one piece, and he really got a kick out of seeing the animals at the zoo—particularly the giraffes. I enjoyed spending time with another adult...even if we did have to stop every few feet to attend to the needs of all our little zoo-mates.

I felt like a babywearing rock star wearing Daniel on my back for about half of the time. Near the end of our trip, Katie put baby James on her chest in a wrap and her toddler (Ellie) on her back in a SSC, and I was totally amazed. The best moment was when we got on the train like that: me with Daniel on my back, her tandem wearing two kiddos, and one of us holding her older daughter Lina's hand... and people moved out of their seats to give us a place to sit down. We ended up having six people taking up only two seats on the train—with both older kids on me (Lina in my lap and Daniel on my back) and both younger kids on her: the ultimate in efficient travel!

My rose bushes are starting to bloom. I got almost all of my roses through Freecycle, and here in the city of roses, I'm extra proud to have some beautiful blooms in my front yard this year. One of the bushes is so large that part of it got too heavy and fell over last weekend, so I cut off as many of the flowers as I could and Jaymz helped me arrange them in a vase (they were a little tricky because most of them were growing crooked from being at a strange angle). I cut my hand open on one of the thorns, but it was totally worth it for getting to enjoy the amazing smell and beauty of all those roses inside our house.

Jaymz and I enjoyed a rare date night last weekend, too!

We were having a rough weekend, so it was lovely to have a break to reconnect and relax a bit. We went to a restaurant we'd never tried before, and the serving style (small plates served family-style) and food was right up our alley. I'd definitely like to go back there the next time we have a night out! I'm thankful to Arwyn for gifting us with the childcare for the evening, and to Isaiah for providing it. When we got home, Isaiah was wearing Daniel and rocking in the hammock: indicative of Daniel's level of coping for the evening. I feel so blessed to have both Arwyn and Isaiah in our village!

Daniel was being (extra) sweet to me one day this week when I was upset about something. He really embraces the role of caregiver when one of us is in need of it (and we do our best to honor that without letting him take on too much). This time, Daniel knew Momma was upset, and for whatever reason he got it in his mind that the thing that was sure to make me feel better was a purple airplane. He informed me that he was going to make a purple airplane to help me feel better, and then he and Jaymz headed downstairs to eat dinner. When I went down to visit them later, Daniel was ready to present me with their creation: an honest-to-goodness purple airplane!

And don't you know it, it really did make me feel all better.

What was one of your favorite moments from the week?

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  1. I have only attempted babywearing with two at home - two kiddos in carriers on the train is impressive! So glad you got a date night (we're totally overdue for one of those!), and I love the purple airplane :)

    1. It was pretty impressive. I'm only sorry I didn't ask someone on the train to snap a photo of the six of us sitting in the two seats like that!

      I hope you get a date night soon. <3 I know for us, it's always quite a feat to even plan one, but then afterward we're always so glad we made the effort.

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