Friday, April 26, 2013

Friday Favorites: April Flowers

I'm excited to join my friend Maya of Musings of a Marfan Mom to host Friday Favorites: a weekly linky for your favorite blog posts from the week!

Visit either here at Anktangle or over at Musings of a Marfan Mom every week on Friday to link up your favorite post from the week, and Maya and I will read and comment on them. Don't forget to share the love by reading and commenting on a few other posts in the list after you link up yours!

In addition to the linky, I'm going to take this opportunity each week to write a little bit about a my favorite moments from the past week. I hope you'll feel inspired to leave a comment telling me about your favorite thing(s) that happened this week, too!

These are a few of my favorite things:

Picking dandelions ("Danielions") in our yard with Daniel. I particularly enjoyed witnessing his process: he doesn't clear out a whole area, but rather he picks one from by the fence, then runs over to the sidewalk, then back by the house... it was so fun! Plus, it gave me a little time to do a few outdoor chores that I needed to do, like watering our new trees.

Jaymz, Daniel, and I went out for bubble tea this weekend to reward ourselves for getting so many things done from our list. Daniel loves bubble tea, so we decided he'd get to have his own this time instead of sharing with us. We were standing at the counter and it became time to pay, but Jaymz was holding Daniel, so J asked Daniel, "Here, will you go hug Momma for a minute? Momma is so huggable." I replied while reaching out to Daniel, "I am!" and Daniel replied (very loudly), "Momma is so horrible!" Everyone had a good laugh. The barista said it was the best thing he'd heard from a little kid all week!

Seeing the spring flowers blooming. The dogwoods are in full bloom right now, and they are one of my most favorite trees. Our new baby apple tree has its own little blossoms right now, too. There's just nothing like spring flowers after a dark, rainy winter!

Date nights with friends. I've had the pleasure of going out to dinner with two of my closest (local) friends during evenings in the past couple of weeks. It can sometimes be difficult to make these kinds of outings happen, but I am realizing again how very important it is for me to spend time renewing my spirit with others who lift me up. Laughter, community, and delicious, nourishing food: definitely good medicine in my book!

What was your favorite moment from the week?

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  1. Love your happy list! We've been picking dandelions as well this week. Marcella was even eating some of them. ;)

    1. Fun! She was eating them raw? Did she like them? =)


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