Thursday, April 25, 2013


Daniel loves dandelions.

It's a good thing, because they're out in full force right now, enjoying the sun, intermittent warmth, and occasional rain of spring in Portland.

Jaymz is very allergic to dandelions, but Daniel and I are not, so I can enjoy going outside with him to harvest his favorite flowers.

The best part (for me) about Daniel's love for dandelions is that he calls them Danielions instead of dandelions, substituting his name for the beginning of the word. How could a kid not love his namesake flower, after all?!

A few days ago, we were outside together picking Danielions and I took a few photographs so you can share in the Danielion experience, too.

Daniel's loot

Choosing carefully

We took this photo together.
I was even able to capture a short video of Daniel discussing picking Danielions. I hope you'll enjoy watching it as much as I do!


  1. Adorbs!! Danielions, perfect!

    Have you made yellow paint with them? Or painted your skin at all? Just a thought on more stuff to do with your harvest... We used to rub the flower on our skin to make it turn yellow. The flower is pretty much destroyed in the process, though, FYI - in case that is important to him.

    1. I used to do that when I was a kid! I haven't tried it with Daniel because 1. like you mentioned, the flowers would get destroyed, and I suspect that would be upsetting to him, and 2. I'd be concerned about us coming inside slathered in dandelion pollen and causing Jaymz more distress. Maybe on a day when we're playing in the kiddie pool anyway, for quick washing-off afterward?

  2. I love that he calls them "danielions"!!!! So cute!!!

    1. Thank you! I thought you might enjoy this one, Naomi. =D

  3. i love that he calls them that! M is really into dandelions as well. so, we let them grow in our yard. i know it irritates some of our neighbors but meh, i care more that the kids are enjoying them. also? daniel's pants are rad!

    1. Kids' happiness is definitely *way* more important than any aesthetic, in my book!

      Thank you! I made those fleece giraffe pants for him during the winter holidays, and I think they turned out really well. (Of course, he also insisted on wearing his Home Depot apron under his jacket that day.)

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