Thursday, February 7, 2013

Why do the Six Ingredient Challenge?

With the Six Ingredient Challenge hosted by Hobo Mama and Anktangle, we're on a six-week path to eat more whole foods, guided by one simple rule: Buy foods with six ingredients or fewer. And we're blogging about our journey on the way.

This week's writing prompt question: Why do you want to participate in the Six Ingredient Challenge?

You can see all the responses to this question today at this link-up post at Hobo Mama and Anktangle.  
If you're a blogger who's published a response, please post the URL in the linky below so we can visit to read. If you don't have a blog or haven't published a response, feel free to provide your answer in the comments on this post on either Hobo Mama or Anktangle.

Next week's writing prompt is at the end of this post along with posting instructions.
To join in the Six Ingredient Challenge anytime during the six weeks, visit the sign-up page for a list of posts and to link up!

I wanted to co-host the Six Ingredients Challenge along with Lauren because I have come a long way with my intuitive eating journey over the past couple of years, and I wanted a push to move even farther away from (additive-laden) processed foods. I already know that many of the chemicals in processed foods make my body feel unwell, but there's something very alluring to me about convenience that's hard to get past sometimes.

Plus, I love to rise to a good challenge! After I did the minimalist food challenge, I was interested in working on a goal that had less to do with sticking to a restrictive budget and more to do with improving the quality of food that we eat. It really helps to have a partner who is on board with making changes in your family's eating habits, and also who enjoys helping with meal-prep. Jaymz and I work well together in the kitchen, and that kind of teamwork really helps a whole foods approach to go smoothly. After all, if you're going to be spending more time in the kitchen, you might as well be having fun doing it!

We hope you'll join us by blogging or journaling about the writing prompt each week. We'll introduce the new prompt each Thursday and host a link-up for the answers the following week.

Start formulating your answers to Writing Prompt #2:

How is the Six Ingredient Challenge going for you so far?

Writing prompt #2 guidelines:

  • You have till next week to think of a response to the prompt. Post your response on your blog anytime by next week.
  • Next week's post (2/14) will have a writing prompt linky where you can link up your response.
  • If you don't have a blog, you can leave your response in the comments on next week's post (2/14).
  • Copy and paste the header below into your post to tag it as part of the challenge.
  • Responding to the writing prompts is optional and just a fun extra way to play along! We encourage you to at least think out a response.

Header code for writing prompt #2:

Simply copy the code in the box and paste it into the html box of your blogging software to appear at the top of your response post.

Link up for Writing Prompt #1!

Last week we asked you:
Why have you decided to participate in the Six Ingredient Challenge?

Link up your published answers below, or tell us your response in the comments!


  1. I am excited to join along on this challenge, thank you for the opportunity!

  2. I wish my husband wanted to work with me in the kitchen! (and was on board)

    1. I hope he gets on board eventually, Jorje (even if it takes lots of little baby steps).

  3. Your Linky Tools subscription has expired. I have had this happen to me as well. It means we can't link up our weekly posts with yours regarding the challenge. Oh no! LOL Thank you for proposing the challenge in the first place.

    1. Thanks for the heads up! We're working to fix the problem now.

    2. Fixed! Thanks again for letting me know.


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