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New Foods & Recipes Inspired by the 6 Ingredient Challenge

Six Ingredient Challenge buttonJoin the Six Ingredient Challenge hosted by Hobo Mama and Anktangle!

We're on a six-week path to eat more whole foods, guided by one simple rule: Buy foods with six ingredients or fewer. And we're blogging about our journey on the way.

This week we're answering the question: What new foods or recipes have you tried or discovered?

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My answer:

I have to admit I haven't been trying a lot of new foods so far. I have, however, been trying a few new cooking strategies over the past few weeks. I'm making a much more intentional effort to cook at home and to not let any food go to waste. After just a few weeks of being more purposeful with food, we've saved quite a bit of money from our food budget—great motivation to keep it up!

One strategy I've been using to prepare more easy meals at home is to utilize my crock pot more frequently. Actually, I have two crock pots in different sizes, and it's not unusual to find both of them on my counter running at the same time: I often cook a main dish (soup, stew, risotto, or roasted meat) in the larger one (I think it's a 7-quart) and veggies in the smaller one (3-quart). Thrift stores are great places to find cheap slow cookers, if you don't have one. Check out my Pinterest board of crock pot recipes for more ideas about all the different things you can make in your crock pot!

Along with using my slow cookers more often, I'm making an effort to prepare meals ahead of time to store in the freezer. As I mentioned in my Challenge reflection last week, this past weekend I hosted a freezer meal prep party at my home with a few of my friends. I thought it was wildly successful and also far easier (and more fun!) than preparing food alone, and we've decided we're definitely going to do it again soon.

Here's how it worked:

I chose a recipe (beef stew) based on what vegetables were on sale through Azure Standard. Then I bought bulk carrots, onions, and potatoes through Azure for the prep. I took a trip to Grocery Outlet for bulk spices and tomato paste, and I bought the stew meat on sale from Fred Meyer.

On the morning of the gathering, I set out a few snacks and put on water for tea, and we got down to business chopping vegetables and assembling the freezer bags. I had slated two hours for prep, but we ended up starting about half an hour late (we were all running on mama time that morning). Even with the late start, we finished all of the food prep in just under an hour, which left some extra time at the end for socializing and having tea together. Each mama put in some cash to cover the price of the food, and in the end, we each went home with two completed crock pot freezer meals (ready to store in the freezer and then pull out and plop into the crock pot for an easy dinner).

The part I enjoyed most about this meal prep gathering was the sense of community I felt throughout. It took about the same amount of time for us to prepare eight meals as it would've taken me to make one or two by myself, and we all benefited from spending time together laughing and socializing while we worked. I'm excited about next time!

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