Monday, February 4, 2013

Involving Your Kids and Partner in a New Way of Eating at Hobo Mama

I hope you're enjoying reading along with the Six Ingredient Challenge!

How's it going for you so far? Remember to look at the labels of the foods you're buying (or examine the ones already in your pantry) and try to purchase only those that have six ingredients or fewer, with a few exceptions noted in the rules. Even if you didn't start Feb. 1, you can still sign up and join in now! Start formulating your answer to the first writing prompt, at the end of the rules post, and publish it on your blog by Feb. 7 (or save it to paste in the comments when we post our responses then).

Today at Hobo Mama, Lauren is talking a little about the challenges of changing not just your eating habits — but your whole family's. She's delving into her own personal struggles with just this topic and offering her fondest goals and best advice for transitioning reluctant kids and partners into a new way of eating. Feel free to share your tips in the comments over on her post!

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