Monday, December 10, 2012

Monday Movie: Name Spelling

On Thursday evening I was upstairs working when Jaymz sent me a text message about something Daniel had just done totally out of the blue while playing and talking on a phone. I went downstairs and captured this:

We didn't teach him this intentionally, which is part of why I was so surprised! But it does seem like teaching your child how to spell her name could be a fun (and potentially useful) thing to do—particularly if she shows an interest in letters like Daniel does.

Later that night I stumbled upon the idea of creating a name song to serve as a mnemonic device to help children learn to spell their names. Here are a few resources, if you're interested in playing around with this with your kiddo:


  1. Okay, you will so laugh at this but when Joseph was a baby, I used to spell out his name to the tune of the Oscar Meyer Bologna song. It actually worked really well...

    1. I love that, Laura! It is funny, but what a clever idea!

  2. Loved these videos, it made me miss you guys! Hope you have been able to get a little sleep and that you have a great New Years!

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