Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Week 37: Cowboy Hats and Rotary Phones

Days 250-256:

A collaborative creation by Daniel and Papa

"I need to take a break."
(Daniel's version of my mama time out.)

Working on his corn eating technique

This was quite a difficult thing for Daniel to handle;
fortunately we don't have to do it often.

Tons of plums!

A zoo outing with Shannon (of Pineapples & Artichokes) and her lovely family!
Daniel seemed (perhaps most) interested in the various phones he encountered.

Mamatography 2012 Linked up at Wordless Wednesday at Hobo Mama, and Natural Parents Network (where you can see a photo of Daniel's tiny baby foot today), at What's New at Vibrant Wanderings, and with the other lovely Mamatography project participants at Diary of a First Child!


  1. Loving the zoo pics! I keep wondering if that is like Mancala at the top. As for the mechanic, I'm curious: Is it the noise or is it scary to see your car way up high?

    I was terrified of automatic car washes as a kid and had to be left outside to wait for the car to come through.

    1. It's not a mancala, only a hole in our hardwood floor! ;)

      I think it was both the sounds (and accompanying unfamiliar people) and the car being up in the air. The latter was definitely more difficult for him to process and understand though, and he talked about it a LOT during and after ("Put the car back down on the ground!" ... "Our car was up high!" etc.).

  2. I love the collages - it looks like it was an exciting week! Daniel in his cowboy hat and the ergo is awesome, too :) I'm jealous that you and Shannon got to spend time together - that must have been so much fun!

    1. Thank you! I sometimes (often) have trouble choosing just one photo per day, so the collages help with my indecisiveness. =P

      Shannon and I did really have a lovely visit, and I was just so grateful that she and her family decided to come to Portland for their holiday. I really hope you and I get to spend some time together someday, Melissa! <3


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