Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Photo Challenge Week 39: Purple and Green

As of this week, there are less than 100 days left in this year-long photo challenge—can you believe it!?

Here are days 264-270:

Waiting for the train together
(and trying to snatch Momma's coffee)

An indoor living wall

Staying hydrated

Jaymz is very tall.

I chopped up a leek for some soup this day
and I was really enjoying the natural color gradient.
Vegetables can be beautiful!

Ratatouille in progress

Just chillin' on the couch in his undies.

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  1. I love those vegetable pictures! I agree.

    And: I want a living wall! How cool. I have several pinned but haven't made one yet. :)

    I love the chilling picture!

    1. I'm glad I'm not the only one who can appreciate a beautiful leek. ;)

      The living wall isn't in our house (sorry if that was confusing!). It's at the Naturopathic College here, in their medicinary. Cool that you're thinking of putting one in your place, though!

    2. I figured it was elsewhere. I just want one! :)

  2. Have you seen the tutorial on how you can spray a design or words on a wall and then have it grow?

    Love your pics!

    1. Thank you! Yes, I've seen that...using moss, right? It looks like a really fun graffiti project!

  3. Love that you have so many food pics. I think I should do me some more of those. Thanks for inspiration!! Keep 'em coming! :)


    1. Thanks! I sometimes feel silly taking photos of my food, but I really enjoy cooking, and some of that has to do with how beautiful a practical necessity like food can be. =)

  4. I love that leek photo! I almost never cook with leeks, but I always love chopping them when I do - they truly are beautiful. I may have to pick some up on my next grocery trip.

    Annabelle is forever trying to snatch my coffee, too! She snatches the opportunity to steal a sip every time I turn my back. I suppose I can't really blame her ;)


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