Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Week 35: Chicagoans Visit PDX

During this week, we enjoyed spending time with my brother-in-law Kevin and his girlfriend Mejay, who came to Portland from Chicago for a visit.

Here are photo challenge days 236-242:

(I guess I let this zucchini get just a tad too big.)

Showing off the ReBuilding Center to Kevin and Mejay.

Chillin' at the dentist's office.

Kevin and Mejay prepared a delicious
(and beautiful!) dinner for us one evening.

So many friends for playing with blocks...

...and reading books, too.

Bye-bye, Uncle Kevin.


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  1. That is a giant zucchinni. Maybe shred it and stick it in the freezer for later use?

    1. It was HUGE. I ended up making chocolate zucchini bread (2 loaves), zucchini hash brown patties, and I still had some left over. Next year, I'm going to spread out my squash plants a little more so there's less chance I'll lose track of the fruit like this!

  2. That zucchini's as big as Daniel is! I could tell who Kevin's related to — genes are incredible. I love the kitty pic — great furball expressions.

    1. I'm glad you appreciate a good kitty photo. ;)

      I agree that genes are really something. I continue to be fascinated by the ways Daniel resembles Jaymz and me (both in looks and personality), and then at the complexity of the factors that play together to make a person who s/he is.

  3. These are SO sweet! I cannot get over how big D is getting... even compared to that zuccini!! ;)

    1. Thank you! I know; he is growing SO fast. He's definitely not a baby anymore! In some ways I miss that stage, but in many others I find myself enjoying him more and more as he grows and becomes more autonomous.


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