Friday, August 3, 2012

I miss it.

I miss breastfeeding.

It's been six months since Daniel weaned, and while I still feel very much at peace with it, lately I've been missing that part of our relationship.

I miss the sweet gazes up at Momma.

I miss the mandatory (and mutually agreed upon) slow down moments for both of us in our day.

I miss the sleepy, milk-drunk smiles.

We both still love to cuddle up in the (former) nursing chair to the photo book I made for Daniel about our breastfeeding journey. It's one of his most-requested books, and only Momma is allowed to read it to him (his rule, not mine).

As Daniel flips the pages and describes what's happening in each photograph, I enjoy remembering the all the ways he's grown and changed thus far. He speaks fondly of drinking Momma's milk, and I'm glad that we can share in remembering some of those times we spent together.

What do you like best (or miss most) about breastfeeding?


  1. So sweet! I'm trying to cherish this last nursing relationship... as if I didn't cherish them all. :-)

  2. This is a very sweet bit of encouragement to me this morning. Nursing my now-15-month-old has been a challenge in so many ways, but I know I'll miss it when he is finished.

  3. This is beautiful. :) Ah, sigh.

    My favorite thing is how much they love it. They really, really love it.

  4. I'm currently nursing my almost 7 mo old. I'll miss it so much when he's done. But nursing him makes me miss what I didn't have with my other two...and it makes me kind of sad. I weaned my middle baby at 13 months because I was pregnant and miserable...I wanted to go to at least 18 months if not longer...I weaned my oldest when she was just 4 months old because I was young and naive and had no support. :( So I'm extra cherishing my nursing relationship with my little man..he's our last baby.


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