Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Wordy Wednesday (Week 25): Blue!

I'm sharing more photos than usual this week, simply because I just couldn't decide!

Here are year-long photo challenge days 165-171:

Chillin' at dinner

I had trouble choosing just one photo for this day we spent in Seattle with Lauren of Hobo Mama (and family) at the beach celebrating a joint birthday party for her sons, Mikko and Alrik. We also got to visit with Shannon of Pineapples and Artichokes (and her two kiddos, Moira and Davis) and Kristin of Intrepid Murmurings (and two of her three little ones).

It took Daniel a little while to warm up to everyone...

but then he discovered the watermelon!

Soon, he was checking out all that was going on around us

and exploring the beach with Papa!
I had the privilege of getting to snuggle with the littlest of the party's attendees (Alrik and Davis) and to witness Daniel experiencing things he'd never done before. (Later in the day, Daniel went down a slide for the first time!) We had a really great time—I only wish we could've stayed in town to visit longer!

Of course, the morning after a big day can be a hard one.

(And the next day was a pretty rough one for me.)
About to try out a new medicine
to kick the migraine I had for several days.

A bluejay in on a walk

Daniel insisted on wearing this headband of mine all morning.
I think it suits him quite well!

Two curious kitties wish a happy birthday
to my sister (and fellow feline-lover), Suzanne!

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  1. I'm so glad you shared the extra beach photos. What a beautiful day! I hope your migraine passed and didn't return!


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