Friday, June 29, 2012

Week 26: So much to do!

Eh, so I'm behind again on sharing my weekly photographs. It must be Summer!

Days 172-178:
On the evening of our name change day, we visited
the International Rose Test Garden,
where Jaymz and I shared a moment together.

Dinner! Catfish, asparagus and crimini baked in parchment.

These next three are all from the same day:
Hair clips, coffee, and home improvements

Strawberry picking with friends.
Here, Jaymz explains to Daniel how he
could walk between the rows of plants.
(He still didn't get it.)

On the way home from berry picking

My first ripening snap pea of the season!

"Big machine...loud!"
(We spent quite some time here processing this experience.)

View of my lap...ultimate cuddles!

Took my kid out to breakfast in his pajamas
and let him drink half & half.
(What? I know you have those days, too.)


  1. I love that last picture. I see nothing wrong with any part of the experience ;) Love going out to breakfast, too! ... and now I'm hungry for asparagus.

  2. LOVE the photo of Jaymz & Daniel in the strawberry field!!!

  3. When I opened my email to see the lovely rose I smiled... thank you. Needed that today. :) It is also lovely to see your family growing. Thank you for you, Amy.

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