Sunday, June 10, 2012

Sunday Surf: The Slide

Daniel went down a slide for the first time yesterday.

He went down the slide and he loved it.

He did it over and over until it was time to leave, and then he did it a few more times just for good measure.

This may not seem like anything special (especially considering the size of this particular slide) but it was very special. I am so proud of my kid and all the hard work he's done already in his two years of life. ♥

I'm also proud of Jaymz and myself for navigating all of this with him. We really do make a great team!

Here are a few of the great things I've read lately:

Black Women’s Transitions to Natural Hair –

I loved this piece. I believe (seemingly small) reclaiming acts such as these have huge impact on society as a whole.

A Lesson in Meltdowns from my SPD Preschooler – The SPD Blogger Network

Such a great article about meltdowns and what they teach us (parents and children alike)!

Help! I don’t want to breastfeed! – Best for Babes

Fabulous and fact-filled article at Best for Babes all about breastfeeding. The stats about disease prevention for both mom and baby are my favorite part!

An open letter to all parents from a non-parent. – trying to be good

Love. I hope you'll read this if you haven't yet—it's a really thoughtful and open piece.

Overwhelmed By Motherhood: The Anatomy of An Anxiety Attack – Postpartum Progress

This post expresses a beautiful metaphor about parenting born from a vulnerable moment during an anxiety attack. I really appreciate Katherine's willingness to openly discuss her anxiety.

Food Stamp Food: Rice & Beans and The Farm Bill and what it means to food stamps – crazy dumbsaint of the mind

We love rice and beans around here, and it's super cheap, filling, and versatile. Aside from that, this is an excellent article exploring food stamps, the Farm Bill, and misconceptions about food scarcity.

10 Things I Want My Daughter To Know Before She Turns 10 – Lindsey Mead Russell

Such wisdom and grace in these words!

If you haven't seen this video already, you simply must.


Recently at Natural Parents Network:

What have you read lately that I shouldn't miss? I'd love to know!

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      1. What an exciting milestone for Daniel! You definitely have reason to proud of all the three of you have accompanied! Thanks for the links, too. I always enjoy three posts you pass along.

      2. That is so incredibly exciting that Daniel enjoyed the slide! I hope he had a good all around time visiting too.

      3. The link about anxiety isn't working for me.

        1. Looks like there's an issue with Postpartum Progress. Thanks for the heads up! I'll try to track it down with her.

      4. That's the first one Mikko went down as well at about that age. Or maybe he was older. He's not that athletically inclined, heh heh. I remember being just as excited, too!

        (copied verbatim from my Sunday Surf this week — full disclosure, ha.)

        Sam made a video called Big Slide, Little Slide, which showed Mikko's feat on that slide, and then his subsequent conquering of (you guessed it) the big slide. Maybe you'll be able to make a similar one soon!

      5. My son, who I believe is exactly the same age as yours, conquered some huge slides at the park this past weekend. He also has SPD and I completely understand exactly how big of an achievement this is :) My sister (whose daughter also has SPD) and I were recently saying how, when you have a child with special needs, the smallest of things can be soooo rewarding, since we know how hard our kids have had to work for this, compared to other kids.

        I stumbled upon your blog while looking for information on gf pastas, as we are just starting our own gf trial. My 9 month old daughter also has SPD and I am hoping that this may help, in addition to the OT we are doing. I love the wealth of resources on your blog and look forward to continuing reading. Thanks for sharing :)

        1. It was such a huge accomplishment! I felt kind of silly being so excited about it, but like you said, it was a really big deal and I have to hang onto those moments when things are really tough.

          I'm so glad you stumbled upon my blog, and I look forward to interacting with you more in the future!

      6. No, a huge accomplishment indeed!! When your child needs to go to OT to be able to tolerate going down a slide, I think that it deserves at least a blog post, if not a little party :)

        I thought of you today, as I pushed both of my kids on the swings at the park. Only weeks ago, both were terrified of the swings and wouldn't even go in them. What change OT can bring!

        I can't wait until I have more time to dig through all of your posts. I feel like we're living a very similar existence. My sister (sewrite) just commented on a post I shared with her about others' comments.


      Thanks for your comment! I love hearing from you.


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