Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Mom, I Am Remix: Seuss Style

This piece was inspired by a recent blog carnival which aimed to paint an authentic picture of the realities of Attachment Parenting. My poem follows the eight principles of AP as outlined by Attachment Parenting International.

Thanks to Dr. Seuss's Green Eggs and Ham for getting this poem started in my mind (as I read it aloud to Daniel before bed), and also to the sweet face of Cindy Lou Who for embodying the innocence, hope, and trust of childhood.

Oh Mama? Mama! Talk to me!
Will you now? Will you please?

I will, of course; what's on your mind?
What can I tell you, shall we find?

What did you do before I came? 
Tell me, please, what was your aim?

Oh love, there was so much to do!
I prepared my life for you:
I read books
walked around
ate good food
provider, found!
There's lots to do before a birth
so many things with so much worth!

Anticipate you.
Mom, I am.

When you feed me, Mama, dear:
How? And where? Do let me hear!

I'll feed you—nurse you—anywhere!
with a bottle
at my breast
at our table.
You know the rest!
I'll feed you full and feed you strong
You'll feed yourself soon, not too long.

I nourish, fill you.
Mom, I am.

And if I cry, what will you say?
What if I feel sad today?

Let it out, love, it's okay
Mama's here—I'm here to stay!
We will hug
we will rock
we will breathe
have a talk
So many ways to help you cope
I'll try them all, so don't lose hope!

Responding to you.
Mom, I am.

When we go out, where will I be? 
Mama, mama, tell me please!

You'll be with me, you silly goose.
Even when we're on the loose:
in a sling
in a pram
in my arms
holding hands 
On a bike or in a car:
I'll keep you close here—not too far.

I hold and touch you,
Mom, I am.

Would you, could you, help me sleep?
Shall I lie here, counting sheep?

I would! I could! I'll help you sleep.
A good night's rest is yours to keep!
in a crib
in our bed
on the floor
on my head!
I will sleep you safe and sound
Goodnight my dear, let's settle down.

I lullaby you.
Mom, I am.

And all the time, throughout the days
Who takes me out to catch some rays?

A loving grown-up in your life
Will care for you, so have no strife!
Be it me
or your dad
loving friend
we'll be glad!
Even when I can't be there
you will be safe—to that, I swear!

Care, always, for you,
Mom, I am.

But sometimes I can lose my way
What will you do, if that's today?

Sometimes I'm angry, upset, too
I work through it; so can you.
When you yell
if you bite
tempers flare, but
we won't fight
Redirection, space to feel
I'll help you through it, that's for real!

I teach and guide you,
Mom, I am.

When things are busy, I feel wild!
Did you feel that, as a child?

I did, sweet one, I did indeed.
I've learned that we all have a need:
In the home
at the store
at my desk
out the door!
With so much work and so much play
I strive for balance in my day.

Prioritize you.
Mom, I am.

You see, you're not alone, small one
Not 'til my time on Earth is done.
In the night
as you grow
when you hurt
always know:
Mama loves you no matter what
My door, to you, will never shut.

Forever love you,
~Mom I am


  1. Beautiful! So personal, heartfelt and very very sweet.

    And, Apple Girl, you didn't fall far from this tree! See: One Fish, Two Fish, I Fish, You Fish that came to me one day.

    Love you mucho, mamacita!

    1. Thank you, Mom! I enjoyed your poem, too. Love you!

  2. Beautifully done, Amy! I love this!

  3. I love this poem! You're so creative, Amy, and parts of it made me near-weepy. Beautiful.

  4. I.Love.This.So.Much.

    Beautiful! If you made it into a photobook with pictures of Daniel and your family, it would be an instant keepsake.

    I'm going to wipe my eyes and go hug my boys :-)

    1. Oh, what a great idea! I may just have to make a poem photo book soon! =)

  5. Thank you all so very much for your kind words! I'm glad my poem spoke to you. <3


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