Thursday, May 31, 2012

Week 22: An Outing Per Day

I had a migraine yesterday, so today I'm having a Wednesday do-over!

Here are days 144-150 of my year-long photo challenge:
I biked to get groceries with Daniel.
(Daniel was enjoying giving the bike hugs,
but I couldn't snap a photo of that fast enough!)
The ride home with D on the front of the bike
and the full basket of groceries on the back
was quite the workout.

Out for errands and a late lunch (plus a sangria)
with Jaymz and Daniel

Attending a friend's daughter's birthday party.
Daniel warmed up after a while, but he did spend
a good amount of time chewing on things in the corner.

At Powell's Books meeting a bloggy friend of mine, Melodie.
The sign by the table reads, "PARENTS: Please keep an eye
on your toddler & try to limit the number of books
that they pull off of the shelves. Thank you."

Waiting room routine

Took this one on Jaymz's birthday to illustrate a trait
Daniel inherited from his father: double-jointed thumbs.

Going for a walk with Papa


  1. The one of both boys reading in the waiting room is too sweet.

    I had a sangria just like that recently!

    Your bike riding (hauling) skills are impressing me.

    You know what's funny? Sam has one double-jointed thumb and one not. Wonder if our children will inherit that.

    And that's all my random commentary for the day. ;)

  2. Wow, Im also impressed at the bike hauling skills! And also impressed with the double-jointed thumb, lol! :)


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