Thursday, May 10, 2012

Photo Challenge Week 19: Grass & Garden

Jaymz, Daniel, and I have been sick again this week, which is why I'm so late posting these photos. I hope you'll wish us all good health soon!

Days 123-129:
Drawing on the floor of the courthouse
while Jaymz and I do paperwork for our name change.

I spent the afternoon cutting down tall grass
in the back yard...and I got a little messy.

Ear protection for everyone!
(We tilled the back yard this morning.)

At the dentist

Several of my seed starts have outgrown
their tiny greenhouse, like these kale plants.

Daniel helps with the cart at the grocery store!
He brought a lot of joy to strangers this day. =)

Dinner on day one of my recent juice fast.

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  1. He is too cute, especially at the grocery store!!

  2. I have to agree about the grocery store. That cart is so huge!

  3. Those little kale plants are so promising, and I'm loving the glimpses here and there as you make your new house a truly special home!


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