Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Week 15: Orange

Days 95-101:
More packing! This is (most of) the contents of my sewing/crafty space.
...I think I might need to stock up!

(Apparently this is a bad thing.)



Jaymz and I spent most of the day arranging for a woman
to come over and cut a hole in the side of our new house.

Shoes from Nana—they finally fit!


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  1. I clicked over here, not even realizing it was you. I just liked the thumbnail... and I was looking at each photo thinking how much I like these people.. who's blog is this? Then I saw the unique spelling of Jaymz and it all fell into place..
    The crafty space bins really tell a story!!

    1. LOL! I love it! That's definitely something I would, have done before. ;)

  2. Did your sound crap out due to using headphones? That happened to my last laptop and made me so sad.

    Hope the moving's going smoothly(ish)!

    1. Yeah, the sound stopped working because of using headphones...but then Jaymz looked it up and there was a trick I did with the headphone jack to make the light turn off and then the sound started working again. Sounds ridiculous but it's true!

  3. The shoes are so cute! And funny thing... the angle of that cereal box, there for a second I thought Daniel was IN it! :-)

  4. It is always great to have a craft stash ;)


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