Sunday, April 1, 2012

Sunday Surf: Self Love & Special Needs

Did you remember that it's April Fool's Day today? For all you gullible suckers like me, I'm taking this opportunity to offer a friendly PSA: don't believe anything you read today!

Except here (of course) where you get only the facts:

I'm rounding out week two of this awful cold we've all had, which has subsided to just a cough. There's been lots of packing and chaos around here as we prepare to move (next Saturday—whoa) and I'm still wondering if we're going to be able to get it all done before the movers get here.

I also had a minor accident this week, which involved the refrigerator door shelf breaking off and a glass pitcher full of juice falling out onto the floor...and my foot. I put in this cute naked-bum photo of Daniel with his car seat and the empty boxes, but the real photo of the week should've been my bloody foot. I'll spare you that one! (Oh, except I tweeted about it when the bleeding stopped, if you're feeling curious. ;)

I promise, I don't always have bad news to report! On the fun side, we're excitedly preparing for our move, and the front yard is already sporting four new (to us) rose bushes which I acquired through Freecycle (along with some irises, lemon balm, and grape hyacinth). There's nothing like free plants! Happy Spring!

Here are a few of the great things I've read lately:

Love Our Children, Love Ourselves –

I just LOVE this post from Kelly at KellyNaturally, on showing our children how much we love *ourselves.* Great read!

Grown Without Schooling – The Natural Child Project

I enjoyed this interview with a grown unschooled person, which answers many of the frequently asked questions about the outcomes of unschooling. (We haven't made any decisions about traditional v. home- v. unschooling at this point, I just thought this article was very interesting.)

Buying Organic: Where to Save and Where to Splurge – That Mama Gretchen

An easy post to reference about how to save your budget while still enjoying plenty of organic foods. Thanks, Gretchen!

Visitors After the Baby: 10 Tips – Pregnant Chicken

Brilliant advice for expecting moms on how to manage postpartum visitors. If you're expecting (or know someone who is) read this post at Pregnant Chicken!

Rewriting Birth: Making Peace with Your Birth Story – Presence Parenting

I love this post from Amy at Presence Parenting about processing and recording your birth story in ways that both acknowledge the difficulties and affirm the mother and child that were born through the process. This healing process is definitely worth the time and effort!

I Love My Autistic Son (Even Though I Hate Autism) – The SPD Blogger Network

I could really relate to this post by Gina hosted by The SPD Blogger Network. Though Daniel doesn't have autism, I believe the thoughts and feelings Gina expresses here are fairly universal among parents of children with special needs: "I think that, when you are parenting a child with autism, your emotions and feelings run the gammot- from joy to anger, from love to hate, from elation to desperation. I don’t think that you ever hate your child, but there are times when you most certainly hate what your child and family are going through because of autism. There is a mourning period that you go through when you realize that the life that you planned, the family that you dreamt about becoming, was not going to play out the way that you thought it would."

Trayvon Martin and The Fear in a Black Mothers Heart – Womanist Musings

I really appreciate the perspective that Renee at Womanist Musings presents in this piece. I know as a white woman, I can never fully understand the fear in a black mother's heart, or what it is like to be black, but I do know that my heart continues to break the more I read about Trayvon Martin's story.

Baby-Wearing ~ Toddler-Wearing ~ Eleven-Year-Old-Wearing – Rachel Coleman

Not a new post, but one I encountered this week through a special needs page on Facebook: this mama is a babywearing ROCK STAR! Her story is a must-read—I know you won't regret it!

Not exactly a "read," but this is incredible, nonetheless:


Visit Natural Parents NetworkThis week at Natural Parents Network:

What have you read this week that I shouldn't miss?

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Happy Surfing!

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