Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Surf: Sick Days & Reorganization

Family hugs make everything better!
We're going through a bit of a rough patch lately. Daniel hasn't been sleeping well during nap or nighttime, and he's begun to experience night terrors. Also, I've got shingles (again), and as such, I've been feeling rather under the weather lately. I'm very hopeful that we'll all turn a corner soon and things will start to get a little easier again. Here's to that!

We're moving soon, so we're starting to go through everything around here and try to get somewhat organized in preparation for the (fast-approaching) packing phase. Since I've been feeling ill, I've not been quite as productive as I've wanted, but that's alright. I can't seem to get out of the organizational mindset though, so even during my resting time I was dreaming up new ways to get organized so I can get back into writing Sunday Surf posts again. I'm going to do my best to keep doing this, even if it's only a couple of links per week!

Here are a few of the great things I've read lately:

If you're so skinny, why aren't you happy? - Honest To Betsy

There is SO much truth and insight about body image and our thin-centric culture in this post from Honest To Betsy!

I had a similar experience to Betsy's, of being very sick with mono over the Summer between two years of college. I was in the hospital for several days, receiving fluids and medications because the mono had inflamed my liver and caused me to to develop jaundice. When I returned to classes in the Fall, many of my fellow nursing students approached me to tell me I looked great, and to ask me what I had done over the break to lose so much weight. It was (to say the least) a very eye-opening experience for me.

Friday Focus: Till the Water Is Clear - Toddler in Tow

I can always use more tools to help me maintain patience and clarity during the more challenging parenting moments. This message from Amy of Toddler in Tow is going into my toolbox!

May the foreskin be with you! - Alan Cumming Blog

I really appreciated this (very) frank discussion of the intact v. circumcised penis from Alan Cumming. 

Open Letter to All the Haters - The SPD Blogger Network

I encounter this a lot when trying to explain Daniel's sensory difficulties to other parents. People really have a hard time understanding that his "special needs" are legitimate (and not a parenting/discipline/etc. issue) when there's nothing outwardly visibly "different" about him.

I also want to thank Jennifer of True Confessions of a Real Mommy for offering me a wonderful guest post this week paying homage to the glory that is the local farmer's market. The post includes a recipe for a scrumptious looking seafood dish that I just have to try my hand at making when the markets are open again. Check out her post and recipe here and also head over to her blog and give her some love for being so fabulous!

Visit Natural Parents Network
This week at Natural Parents Network:

I'm getting excited about this month's Carnival of Natural Parenting; are you? The theme for March is Parenting With Special Needs, and I'm really looking forward to what everyone comes up with. (I'm still trying to narrow down what I'm going to write about.) If you're interested in this topic, there's still time to submit a post or to offer to host a guest post from another blogger on your site. Deadline is this Tuesday, March 6th.

That's it for me today! What have you read lately that you loved?

Sunday Surf with Authentic Parenting and Hobo MamaI'm joining Authentic Parenting and Hobo Mama for Sunday Surf. Share your best reading of the week, and link up your post at either blog!

For more great reading, visit Hobo Mama or Authentic Parenting for the latest Sunday Surf and linky.

Happy Surfing!

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  1. What a great collection of links! I have several new open tabs. ;)

    I'm sorry you're sick, and while preparing for a move, too! I was up till 6 a.m. with a feverish baby, so … yeah … it sucks. Hope you feel better soon!


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