Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Dear Daniel, (21 Months)

Hi, sweet Daniel. Last week, you turned twenty-one months old, and a lot has happened around here since I wrote your 19.5 month update letter. Among other things, you decided to wean, our family will be moving into a new house soon, and you are learning to say so many new words!

On our walk to OT
Just to give you an idea of the sheer volume of increase in your spoken language these past six weeks, I've been keeping track of the words in a (very long) list. Here they all are, with some of my favorites in bold:

go ("go-go-go!" usually), up, die (as in the cube with dots used in board games. Also when we say "square," you say "die;" it's from a book we have.), wait, me, meow ("mew"), no, "D" (as in, himself), down, why, "hop up," backpack ("ack-ack"), neat, in, wow, help, boop, bear, poop, happy, duck, off, yay, feet, Dee-dee (this is what you call Lisa, our OT), home, eat, ear, arm, eye, off, on, eat, light, tea, yummy, yum, bike, Bob, great, pop, apple, e-book (yeah, I don't know about that one!), bee, toot, peeka (as in peek-a-boo, though not usually said together), white, yes, cat, hat, great, heavy ("ahh-vee!"), hair, ball, OK, walk, car, juice, Jack, TV, done, bean (not new, but he can say it better now), book, me, out, why, one, three, hand, tea, black, eight, nine, five, back, mom, beet, cheese, more, new/knew (not sure which one!), butt, um, meat, pig, deer, heat, Zha (eh-Zah), burp, ninety, maybe, phone, mark, wet, two, noodle ("nee-noo"), bath, wash, door, dry, whoa, milk, coin, block, what, water, hippo ("ahh-poe"), where, rock, sock, please, fig, coffee, Daniel ("Dah-nol"), awful, monkey, run, coin, big, hummus, done, day, "uh oh," new, you, bird, cow, food, chicken, rice, bug, doctor, rain, chip, song, bag, lid, yeah, alright, boat, sock, pod (iPod), Ed, straw, moon, cold, dog, "thank you," trash, fish, sun, red

That's 151 new words, or approximately 3.5 words per day for the past six weeks. Wow! It should also be noted that Momma can't keep up at this rate, so I have decided officially to stop keeping track of your new words now. Congratulations to both of us!

You are starting to make a few two word sentences (mostly "Bye-bye, {Name}") and you try to copy almost all the words we say to you now. I think I can speak for Papa when I say that we are both really enjoying you being able to communicate your needs so clearly. You're using "no" a lot lately, and I have to be honest: while it does get a little frustrating sometimes, more than anything it feels like such a blessing that you can tell us what you don't want now! You've also learned a few new signs: where, play, (you knew these two already, but now you use them unprovoked), juice, TV, help, book, one, four, five, and ten.

You've been playing around a lot with opposites lately—hi & bye, up & down, on & off, in & out—using the light switch, playing peek-a-boo, and stepping up and down. You love to go back and forth on these, saying the words and doing the actions. It's so fun to see! You understand counting, and you can recite 1-2-3 and 8-9. (I'm sure you'll fill in the gaps at some point. ;)

You got a new tooth this month, the right bottom canine, with the left bottom one on its way out soon, too. You're starting to be able to jump (sort of) and bounce, and you love dancing around to any music that is playing. Dancing and bouncing with you is so much fun! We all love to sing songs together, too, and you're starting to get the hang of the hand motions that go along with "Itsy Bitsy Spider," which makes singing one of your favorite songs even more enjoyable.

In other news, you're making big strides with potty learning lately. When we're at home, you're about 95% consistent with independently taking yourself to the potty and using it whenever you need to go. You even stay dry during naps! So far, being out of the house is way too distracting (and unpredictable, toilet-wise) for you to be able to let us know if you need to go, but that's alright. I know you're on the way to being totally diaper-free soon!

You're very helpful and interested in being a part of what everyone else is doing at any given moment. You like to help with removing dishes from the dishwasher and handing them to the adult who is doing this with you. You still love helping to unload and reload the washing machine, and moving clothes around is valuable heavy work for you, so I always encourage your participation in this activity. If you see a pair of glasses sitting on a table, you pick them up and hand-deliver them to the appropriate person (and the same goes for cell phones). When we're getting ready to leave the house, you take it upon yourself to remove everyone's shoes from the shoe boxes by the front door, and place the shoes by their respective owners. If someone is crying, you even go to find a tissue for them.

I really appreciate everything you bring to this family as an individual. The ways you are able to fully participate in our family life are so joyful and interesting for me to experience. I know you will continue to surprise and delight me each day.

You're simply lovely, and I feel so blessed to be your parent.



  1. We've just been amazed at our 16 month old's vocabulary just this week. Crazy! It seems to change just overnight! Think I'm going to start a list. Yours inspired me! :-)

    Warmest regards,
    Pardon My Poppet ~ Pip Squeaks from the Mummy-verse!

  2. It is so cool that you're chronicalling those words (for as long as you can keep up!) It's just so much fun to remember.
    I can't wait to hear more about your new house!!
    I want to go back and read your weaning post... how wonderful that Daniel felt ready and took that step. Oh, and the potty independence!! Fabulous. You're way ahead of us on that one.
    It is so sweet that Daniel has the innate kindness to hand someone a tissue if they're crying. Clearly it's part of who he is.

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