Tuesday, February 28, 2012

We're Moving!

Our soon-to-be new (old) house, built in 1908
Jaymz and I are deep in the process of buying our first house! I'm very excited about taking on this new adventure of home ownership, and I really love the place we've chosen.

Things I'm looking forward to:
  • A backyard(!) with a fence and plenty of room for a garden
  • Onsite storage (a basement!) so we can get rid of our rental storage unit and have everything handy
  • A bedroom for everyone
  • Two full bathrooms!
  • Being settled in a place and not having to move again for a good long while.
Jaymz and I took Daniel over to the new place last week for the first time, to begin to get him used to it little by little. At first he was very hesitant, mostly (I think) because our realtor was there with us. After she left, he got down from being held and was interested in exploring around, climbing the stairs, and opening and closing all the doors. We showed him around the room that will be his room once we move in:
Daniel's room

By the end of our visit, Daniel was enjoying himself so much he hardly wanted to leave!

We're going to be extra busy in the next several weeks as we prepare for and move through this big transition, so I'll be writing less frequently. Several of my friends from Natural Parents Network have generously offered me guest posts which I will be publishing periodically (interspersed with my usual photo posts and other posts from me). I'll be back here in full swing before too long, and I hope you'll enjoy the variety and talent of these incredible writers in the meantime. Please also take a moment as you can to visit their blogs and show them some love for being so kind and generous!

What are your best tips for moving? For making a big transition with a little one? Do you have any words of wisdom for me? (Or funny stories—I love a good laugh!) Anything you feel inspired to share would be much appreciated!


  1. So excited for you!!! Hopefully we'll be moving in the next year or two. Condo living is getting a bit cramped.

    The first time we moved, DD was 7 months, then when we bought this condo, she was around 19 months. DS has been in this place his whole life!

    Having my MIL around - both times - was really helpful, to keep DD occupied while unpacking! Finding places to go - outside - to get away from all the boxes was nice for a break. Setting up baby's room FIRST - like as much as you can - so he has a safe place to be & play & start to feel comfortable is important too, I found.

    Good luck. Your place looks wonderful! I'm SO looking forward to having land & a garden in my future! Hear that, universe?!?

  2. How exciting! That house looks adorable. Is that up West of Interstate? Looks like a great score!

  3. It looks gorgeous! I don't have any tips, since we are about to try the same thing. We have moved since Moira was born, but she was only 2 months old.

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