Thursday, January 19, 2012

Show me the tea!

Show me Your Tea Stash at Strocel.comI love this challenge from Amber Strocel to display our tea collections for all the world to see. What a fun thing to do during the coldest part of the year! While I can't come close to competing with the scope of the stash of Kelly from KellyNaturally, I think I've got a pretty good shot at second largest tea stash. My food hoarding tendencies are already well documented, but I didn't even attempt to tackle the tea issue during my recent month-long minimalist food challenge.

I have a cherished tea time ritual, which (admittedly) often involves coffee in lieu of tea. There's just nothing like a warm beverage to start the day off on the right foot. Even when the weather is hot in the Summer, I make sure we have a continual supply of iced herbal tea and sun tea at our disposal.

Part of the reason we have such a large tea stash is that when I used to work night shift at the hospital, I would drink tea all night long. Since leaving that job, I've had to limit the amount of caffeine that I consume (due to insomnia and migraines, among other things), so we're left with a large amount of tea that I can no longer drink. I think Jaymz and Zha will have to step up their tea consumption if we're going to get a handle on this situation anytime soon.

In any case, here's a brief tour of the quantity and variety of tea available in this home:

The tea shelf (there's more sitting on the kitchen counter)

Here it all is displayed on our dining table:
That's 41 containers of tea (including the baggie of
assorted individual tea bags)!

We've got loose leaf and bagged, caffeinated and herbal, Thai bubble tea and (one of my personal favorites) yerba mate. There are many therapeutic teas, including those for pregnancy, nursing, tension/sleep, digestion, and skin health. So many to choose from!

So next time you come over, let's have a cup (or two) together. I am delighted to share the abundance of my tea stash with you!

Do you have an impressive tea collection? I'd love to hear about it! If you write about your tea collection before this Friday and link up a post at the showdown on, you'll be entered to win—yep, you guessed it—a new box of tea!


  1. That is pretty freaking impressive, I must say!

    Also, I think I totally need to drop by your house, to help you with your tea consumption.

    1. Thank you, thank you. I'd love it if you did! Anytime you just happen to be in Oregon.... ;)

  2. Ooh fun!! I may have to par-take if I get around to it. I am a huge tea junkie and definitely have an impressive stash. I've mostly switched to all herbal teas, but I did just get some really nice Green Teas that I am loving. Have you ever tried the tiny tea pearls that unfurl into things like flowers and dragons? I've had them in restaurants but would love to get my hands on some for the home! Thanks for sharing! :)

    1. Holy cow, those tea pearls you described sound interesting. I did not know that anything like that existed! Gotta find some...

      (Just realized that Blogger has threaded comments, suddenly.)

    2. I agree--I've got to get some of those fancy tea pearls!

  3. How fun! I just saw this and did my own post. Only took me a few hours to document it all… (amid screaming kiddos and non-napping babies, natch). This is good weather for tea, isn't it?


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