Sunday, January 1, 2012

It's a new year.

I've decided to choose a word for this year which will be my theme. While I'm not giving up on the tradition of new beginnings (resolutions), this word is the common thread that runs through all of my goals this year.

I like the idea of choosing a word instead of defaulting to one, which is what I think I've done recently. For instance, as I jumped head first into motherhood in 2010, my word was grow. In 2011 as I came to terms with parenting my special needs child and all the challenges that come with that, my word was give.

I've had some time away from blogging and other internet obligations this past month, in an effort to find sabbath. The time away has afforded me some new perspective on my life: where I want to go from here and how I want to get there.

In 2012, I've decided that my word is persevere.

I'm taking on several challenges that involve an intentional daily, sustained effort. My new beginnings this year include a daily journaling effort and a year-long daily photography project (which I will display here on a weekly basis). I'm excited to see this year's word played out more prominently in my life.

Jaymz has chosen mindfulness for his word this year.

What's your word?


  1. I chose a word for this year too: fight. I love the evolution of the process. You can see why on my post from today and I would be happy for you to link-up there too!

  2. I like this idea. I think my word for this year is going to be "consistency."

  3. Tone

    And I'm glad you're choosing to persevere, and I have hope and faith your work will be worth it, in all your endeavors. <3

  4. Persevere is a great word! There's a lot of depth to it, a lot of ways it can be applied.

    I've claimed the word 'blossom' for this year. I've been resisting a season of change for a while now: the time has come to embrace and let myself blossom.

  5. I've also found a word that integrates itself into my year resolutions: prompt. I'm pretty excited about it! Happy New Year!

  6. I love reading what other bloggers are choosing for their one word. I just finished a post on mine: Intentional.

  7. I love the idea of a choosing a word for the year - it's something I have never done before. For me, I think the word is Prioritize. There are so many obligations I have accepted that I'm ready to let go of this year, so I can enjoy more important things :)

    I'm glad you're back!


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