Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Dear Daniel, (19.5 Months)

Last night you pretended to be a gangsta.
Oh, Daniel. Time keeps marching on and you just keep growing and changing! Go figure. You're nineteen and a half months old now, and I think you grow up a little every day.

This past month (and a half) has been a big one, with your Uncle Zha coming to stay with us for a while, as well as beginning your month-long break from OT around the same time. The OT intensive went really well, and we're all working through this assimilation period, hoping that things will begin to shift in an easier, more regulated direction soon. It's been hard to transition out of the routine of going to OT, but I'm feeling hopeful that as the weeks progress, your coping skills will continue to get better and you'll be happier overall.

Since taking the break from OT, you're learning language so fast! Your new words this month were: read, thank you, night night, ow, Amy, Ya-Ya (my mother's grandma name), bib, moo, baa, neigh, peek-a-boo (boo-boo), all done (but only once), piggy ("iggy" or "biggy"), pinky, as in the finger ("binky"), and mine. Your new signs this month were: thank you, tent, water, and music. (You also do "who," "where," and "play," but only if one of us does it first.) You always make a sipping noise (and say "hot") whenever I'm having a cup of tea or a bowl of soup (which I think is pretty darn cute and perceptive of you). In fact, these days you spend a lot of time imitating the words we say and the sounds in your environment, and the way you pick up on things just never ceases to amaze me.

We had a nice gift exchange time on Christmas with Papa, Zha, you, and me. We all Skyped with relatives (Grandpa, Nana, and Uncle Kevin; Aunt Suzy; and Ya-Ya) on the days surrounding Christmas, too. There was a lot of stimulation throughout those days, and you crashed hard right afterwards. I think overall, it went as smoothly and calmly as possible, and I'm certainly grateful for that! You received lovely gifts from all of us, but your favorite seemed to be the flashlight that your Great Grandpa Jim gave you paired with the pillow pet you received at Papa's work holiday party. You carried them around together for hours!

You cut a new tooth yesterday, your right upper canine. It's been a little extra rough lately because of that tooth, so I was glad to feel it finally poking through.

You're really getting into reading books (a lot!), coloring (a little less), and other such activities. Six weeks ago you wouldn't sit through the length of a board book, but your ability to sustain an activity for longer periods of time is definitely improving since beginning the break from OT. I've really been enjoying playing with you (since you enjoy playing more now) and getting to share in the joy of those moments with you.

I'm finding it so delightful to watch you building a relationship with your Uncle Zha these days, too. I particularly enjoy witnessing the games you play together, the way you react when he reads you books, and the way you wave and say "night-night" to him before nap and bedtime. I'm happy that you're forming secure attachments to other adults in your life; this can only make your life richer and more full.

I look forward to the next turn in this wild adventure we're on together. I love you tons.



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