Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: Another First!

Daniel's had his first haircut this past Saturday! Despite my fears about his SPD affecting the experience negatively, it turned out really well. I got some tips from our OT Lisa on Friday, and also several from an online sensory support group, which all turned out to be quite helpful. Jaymz and I made a point to be very intentional about when and how we did the cut, and I think that made a difference.
First, a morning shower then nursies
(Followed by an hour or so of nervous system regulating activities, to prep for the haircut.)
Ready to for action in the highchair (with Gregorian chant playing).

The back was the longest

The first cut!

This is fun so far. =)

Checking out the clippers first

Daniel plays with his vibrating toy which makes a similar
sound to the clippers. Plus, vibrations are soothing!

Serious business

Inspecting the hair shed.

All done!

Later that day, his hair has settled in to its new length!
I'm glad we finally did this. I enjoyed Daniel's long hair, but it was starting to get tangled a lot and it was also getting in his eyes. It'll be easier to manage now, and I know how to help him successfully navigate a haircut in the future!

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  1. He looks so much older with his hair cut! Congrats to both of you on successfully navigating a potentially tricky situation.

  2. Oh, so cute! I'm glad it went well. Mikko's first haircut was all tears. Clearly you did your prep work!

  3. Awwwwww!!!! Okay, I almost put 1,000 more w's. That is just precious. He looks wonderful! Good for you for taking it slow and easy and doing it just the way he needed. I'm already not looking forward to Burkley's first haircut, but at the rate his hair is growing (or rather, isn't) I'd say we've got awhile to wait. :)

  4. I recently cut Jesse's hair... it turned out to be much more stressful for me than for him... :)

    He looks so adorable with the new cut.

  5. Aw, he looks so cute! Good job, Daniel! I feel you - Joe has these gorgeous curls, which I love. Detangling them, on the other hand, I don't love. I'm always torn (har) about cutting his hair. It does make them look a bit older, I think.

  6. Wow, it was so long! Looks like the process went really well! Which reminds me...our boy needs a trim...

  7. what a great photo journal of this event! Since I have a girl, we haven't cut her hair at all and I dont' know when we will. It'll have to happen sometime.
    I think he looks great with the new cut!1
    And what is that cool computer he's playing on?

  8. Aww I love these pics and am so glad that it was an stress free event for both of you! So much love to you mama! Love the inspecting the hair pic! xox

  9. His new hair cut looks great! I haven't cut my youngest's hair yet. He's 22 months and I just can't bring myself to cut those curls lol!

    I'm also wondering about the cool computer!

  10. Thank you all very much!

    About the tiny computer: It's an XO laptop that Jaymz purchased several years ago. They're specifically designed to be durable and child-friendly (and can run on a hand-crank instead of electricity) because they're given to children in developing countries. When you purchase an XO laptop, you're also gifting one to a child in a developing country. It's a really cool program, and you can read more about it here:

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