Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Seeking Sabbath

I'm in need of a hiatus from blogging.

My incredibly loving, communicative, sensational child requires a lot of attention as well as most of my time and energy. Though we were originally going to take a three week break from OT, Daniel is going again (3 times per week this time). OT days are extra tiring because of all the stimulation he gets, and days we don't have OT are also taxing because I am his only source of stimulation and regulation for the majority of the day.

I've had a few especially stressful events happen in my extended family recently, and those things have also taken a toll on my (physical and emotional) energy.

Because of these (and other) outside circumstances, I haven't had the resources lately to take care of myself in all the ways I need. I'm going to spend the next month refocusing my energy and refilling my own cup. I'm hoping to find a better balance between giving of myself to others and getting for myself the things I need to recharge. This moment has even presented itself to me at a very appropriate time: the beginning of the Christian season of Advent, a time full of expectant waiting and anticipation.

I was reminded again of my need to take time for myself by the I Love Me! Carnival. Every single post was inspirational and eye-opening in its own way. If you haven't read through the list of carnival participants, please do; you will not regret it! Nada's post at Minimomist reminded me that taking time for sabbath is simple and easy, but more importantly, it's essential. I'm taking that to heart and I'm putting it into action now, when I need it the most.

So I will be taking an intermission from being here during the month of December, and I plan to be back in January. (In case you are interested, my shop will stay open for business, but I won't be creating or adding any new inventory.)

I'm looking forward to reading a couple of books that have gotten dusty waiting on the shelf for me to have a moment to spare. I'm excited about putting more energy and intention into my yoga practice.

I'm hoping to greet the new year with a renewed sense of balance and perspective.

'Til then, dear friends. ♥


  1. Blessings! And best wishes for a lovely December.

  2. Have fun on your break, you will be missed but it is so much more important for you to take care of yourself and your LO first.

  3. Good for you - I hope this month recharges you in every way!!

  4. Thank you all. <3 I'll be missing you, too.

  5. Enjoy your break, Amy! What a wonderful gift to yourself.

  6. Enjoy your rest, Amy! Your presence will be missed, of course, but we'll be here when you get back :)

  7. Have a good break. It's good to take time for yourself.

  8. Enjoy your Sabbath, Amy! I hope it's a restful and rejuvenating one for you. You might just want it to keep going and going… ;) but I trust we will see you on the flip side!

  9. I am so happy for you, Amy!! This post brought a tear to my eye. I am so happy to hear that you're taking time for you. Hopefully 2012 will begin with just the rejuvenation you need! Lots of love to you and the family hunny! :) xoxo

  10. Happy resting, and restful happiness.


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