Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: Visiting Code Name: Mama

I'm back home now from the trip to visit Dionna of Code Name: Mama (which ended with a quick weekend road trip to Seattle and back). We're all starting to recover from all that traveling and we're getting settled back in at home.

I've got lots of photos from the trip (and I'll share even more tomorrow when I post about meeting some of the Natural Parents Network volunteers). But for now, the rest of our visit with Dionna and her family:

Dionna, Kieran, Daniel and I went to the zoo with Mandy of Living Peacefully with Children and her four lovely kiddos. Here we are on the train at the zoo. Daniel decided to take a nap instead of seeing the sights:
I'm sharing this photo in honor of International Babywearing Week (Oct. 10-16).
I'm loving my new Boba soft structured carrier, which got tons of use on this trip!

When Daniel woke up from his nap in the carrier, I gave him an apple slice from Dionna's stash of snacks, and he happily walked around the zoo munching on it the rest of the time we were there:

He was excited to point at this sheep (while calling it "Eddie")
...right up until the sheep showed interest in him. Tears ensued.

The next day, we went to a pumpkin patch with Acacia (formerly of Fingerpaint and Superheroes) and her two little ones. There was a small grain silo with dry corn and digging tools in it. Daniel and Kieran played in there while we were waiting for Acacia to arrive:

D found a broken shovel handle and held onto it for
the rest of the outing—the rest of the week, actually.
(We still have it, since he couldn't let it go.)

I was there too, I swear!
That was the last photo I got before Daniel's patience ran out with walking on the uneven ground, and he had a bit of a meltdown. I put him on my back in the carrier and he fell asleep almost immediately. We hung out, got pumpkins, ate a snack, and parted ways in time for nap.

Another day, we went to Dionna's midwife appointment, and I took this photograph of their family listening to the baby's heartbeat:

Then we went to a park and I took some family photos:

During the week, we spent time outside together eating, swinging, and playing in the yard (something we don't have here in Portland):

Daniel loved eating at this little picnic table!
(I made that tie dye fitted diaper for him. =)
It was a fun and action-packed week! We did some preparation for the NPN gathering, while also having a good time, eating delicious food, and trying to get enough sleep. I got more than my fair share of mosquito bites, but I think it was worth it for all the wonderful outdoor time we had (in warm October weather)!

On Friday night, Momma Jorje arrived, as well as Rebekah and Chris of Liberated Family, followed by both Amanda of Let's Take the Metro and Shannon of The Artful Mama (after Daniel and I were already in bed).

On Saturday, the festivities began! ...But that's a post for another day (tomorrow). 'Til then!

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  1. Oh man, I am so jealous that you all got to meet up like that haha. Even more so because I know I live close to Dionna :oP Oh well, my van is broke down anyways so I would have missed it and been all disappointed. Oh, and there is also that pesky I part about me not being a NPN volunteer just a fellow blogger :oP

  2. Shoot, I'm a bit jealous of the week you guys had! :) Still, the weekend itself was a nice vacation for us.

    If all us families had realized what awesome family portraits you take, we might have insisted that a portrait sitting be one of our Saturday morning activities!!

  3. What cute pictures! I can't believe how warm you all look at this time of year. :) The sheep thing cracks me up, because that's usually how it is with animals — much interest until they're interested back.

    I'm with Jorje — you take awesome family portraits. I should totally have made you take ours while you were in Seattle. :)

    Christy: Come over to the daaaark side. We could totally find you a volunteer role at NPN & then you can come hang out. It was so much fun to meet new bloggy friends.

  4. I agree with @Lauren--@Christy, we'd love for you to volunteer for NPN! =)

    Thanks @Lauren & @Jorje for the compliments on the family photos! I'm happy to take photos for anyone who's interested. Maybe you will return the favor, too. =)

  5. We had so much fun!! I wish I'd gotten more pictures at our zoo/pumpkin patch trips - I think I've gotten out of the picture taking habit.

    And Christy - definitely come volunteer - you'll be invited to my house whenever the van gets fixed ;)


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