Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Wordy Wednesday: First Birthday-ing

Yesterday was Daniel's first birthday, and I wasn't sure what we were going to do to celebrate, particularly in light of the fact that we didn't get to sleep until nearly 3AM. Turns out, Daniel and Jaymz were able to sleep in until 9! (I, however, am used to waking up earlier now, so I got up only slightly than usual, around 7.)

Since Jaymz was incredibly late getting to work, we figured he'd be getting home too late to have a dinner celebration, so I made a big birthday breakfast for everyone and then he went to work.

During Daniel's morning nap, I finished six new pairs of baby leggings for him (I was calling them birthday-legs, for fun):
As you can see, Jack is never far away when I've got
the sewing machine out.

Daniel and I had a fairly normal day: we went to the post office, did a little gardening, took a walk to the grocery store and back, and then Jaymz was home. We had time for birthday enchiladas after all!

Daniel's first time having enchiladas
(a very special traditional food in my family).

After that, Jaymz and I sang "Happy Birthday" to Daniel while he giggled about his glowing blueberry birthday muffin (which was gluten-free, by the way):
I could've sworn we had birthday candles somewhere...
but this bigger one worked just fine.

"Uh oh! I snuffed out the candle with my hand."
We all shared the muffin and then everyone crashed for the night. It was a very nice birthday, indeed!

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  1. Oh my goodness, how adorable he is! What a special day! He does look a little skeptical about the enchiladas, though.

  2. @Sharon: Thank you! He always makes that face when we put a new food in his mouth (and even sometimes a familiar one). I assure you, he ate his fair share of Jaymz's 7 enchiladas! =)

  3. Visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    Now see? You DID have a birthday tradition... enchiladas! It looks like he liked them, yes? I like the bulky candle, it stands out more and looks cute atop a muffin.

  4. I'm also visiting from Natural Parents Network!

    Your post is even less wordless than Horhays! But I love it :) It does sound like a great's to many more!

  5. It looks like it was a perfect birthday! Daniel looks like he is thrilled with his birthday muffin, too.


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