Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Wordless Wednesday: I Missed My Garden

We just got back from our vacation yesterday evening. As we walked up to the house at the end of our journey, I was surprised to feel excited to see my garden. I was excited, in particular, to see how much everything had changed in a (relatively) short time.

All my broccoli plants got attacked by aphids & ants.
This was the prettiest one, with a tiny floret in the middle.
I thinned the carrots one last time right before we left. They were so cute, I had to take photos:

And yes, we did eat them (after a thorough washing, of course).
The broccoli finally died, and a couple of things bolted
while we were away, but everything else has just grown a lot!
(See how big those carrots—on the left—have gotten now?)

One of my tomatoes is getting huge!

My lavender finally has flowers!
(These are the same lavender plants that were so tiny last year.)
Daniel did not seem to notice the changes in the garden much, but he did recognize his buddy, Eddie. As soon as we walked in the door and Daniel saw Eddie, he started laughing out loud, saying "Eddie," and reaching out to get down and pet him. It was so sweet!
Here they are cuddling again this morning, in bed.

Tons of thanks to my friend Kelly for taking such good care of our cats and plants while we were gone!

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