Friday, June 3, 2011

On Holiday

You know when school was about to let out for Summer break, how for those last few weeks your brain is completely already on vacation? You can't focus on your current homework assignment or final project, for daydreaming of all the wonderful activities that this long-anticipated break will bring?

Well, that's how I've been feeling this week. Jaymz was home on Monday, then we had a fairly normal day on Daniel's birthday, and then...well, I guess I just checked out. The three of us are leaving town soon for a bit of a vacation, but my mind is already there.

My subconscious is lying in a hammock, reading, crocheting, and sipping tea. And my body is still here, performing the activities of daily of living while thinking, Gosh, I wish I could get more done; I wish I could just focus on completing all these partially finished tasks so I'm ready to—Hey, wait a second! That's my tea!

So, pardon me while my brain is on holiday (and as my body follows suit shortly). I may be writing an awful lot while I'm gone (as I find that restful times sometimes feel the most creative), but I'll certainly be publishing less frequently.

Where does your mind wander, when you let it go where it will?

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