Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Less-Words Wednesday: Sunday Parkways

This Sunday, we went for a long family bike ride, to participate in Portland Sunday Parkways. It's a program put on each Summer to highlight the city's many parks, and encourage bike riding (in the streets which are closed off for the event). This past Sunday it was held in our neighborhood, so we hopped on our bikes and ended up completing the entire (7+ mile) circuit, with only one real stop (for lunch at the park closest to our house, the one with the amazing rose garden).

Jaymz wore a backpack with our waters and our diaper bag (and various other accoutrements) and I had a bag with the mei tai and other smallish things strapped onto my bike rack...since I had no pockets. I also (of course) had Daniel on the front of my bike.
Getting ready to go!

Daniel loves his helmet.

He rode like this most of the time: with a hand on
each of my arms or hands, for comfort.
We encountered several friends along the way who were walking or biking, too. I very much enjoyed riding my bike in my skirt—I kept cool and it was also very comfortable! It was a fun day overall, though very exhausting. Daniel fell asleep for a bit while we were riding, and the weight of his head (with helmet) all slumped to the side made it very difficult to balance my bike. I'm still a bit saddle sore, even several days later. I guess we need to get out and go for another long ride again, soon!

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  1. ooh, maybe get one of those gel seats! I'm so curious about those.
    Love the photo of Daniel on the front of the bike. He looks so safe and snug, and that little hand on your arm is a visual of such a wonderful feeling.

  2. Yes! I love the bike seat - we also have the iBert. My son holds my hand while we ride, although now he's learned that he can reach down and touch my leg as I pedal. That gives him the giggles.

    We installed a bell on my bike so he can "ding ding" at people we pass as well. I love our bike rides - great bonding time, isn't it?

  3. I love that little hand holding your arm!

    My lil' boy Joe loves to ding the bell on our housemate's bike too.

  4. @teresa: I just got a new seat, but I will be looking for a gel cover for it, for sure.

    It sounds like the next thing I need to get is a bell...I bet Daniel would love that!

  5. Oh, the hands on your arms just slays me. What a touching childhood moment to have captured.

    You're making me want to go bike riding in a skirt. Sounds very Anne of Green Gables.

  6. Lauren: Yes! I highly recommend it. It was SO Anne of Green Gables. =P

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