Thursday, May 19, 2011

Falling for Babywearing...Again!

I have a guest post up today over at Mama Eve about how I've fallen in love with babywearing all over again:

My son Daniel is almost a year old, and he's on the verge of learning to walk. It's at this unlikely moment that I find myself falling in love with babywearing all over again. When Daniel was first born, my partner and I wore him all the time.... We bought...a wide variety of baby carriers because we knew we wouldn't be buying a stroller right away, and we were right—it wasn't until he was almost seven months old that we did get one (as a gift). I loved wearing my son: it was convenient, easy to nurse on-the-go, and he seemed to really appreciate the closeness.

I liked to wear him a lot, but as he got older, heavier, and more mobile (and thus, more wiggly), wearing him became a lot more difficult on my body. I found that some days, I didn't want to put him on at all, even though he still wanted to be carried and snuggled close just as much as before.

Head on over to Mama Eve and read about how I learned a new skill that renewed my love for babywearing!


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