Monday, May 2, 2011

Dear Daniel, (Eleven! Months)

Your first time crawling around in (and eating) the grass!
Kiddo, on Saturday you turned eleven months old. You know what that means? You're only a month away from the first anniversary of your birth day! I can't believe this (almost) year has gone so incredibly fast. About this time last year, I was about to go into preterm labor and then subsequently be put on bed rest until you were ready to make your grand entrance.

I'm so glad I'm not going through that again right now! Instead, your Papa and I get to play with and talk to you and basically just love you to pieces. You're so smart and (almost all of the time) very fun to be around, that I can hardly stand it. You got two new teeth this month, bringing the total to six. The top left central incisor came in the first week of this month, then the top right one appeared in the last week. I have to say, it was pretty fun to see you grinning with just three teeth on top: it was lopsided and adorable. You like to chomp those teeth together sometimes, which gives me the willies.

You love to figure out how things work.
Your new teeth have enabled you to bite down on food very effectively. At first, you'd only do it with soft things like bananas, squash, and potato, but now you enjoy biting down on most things (celery, bacon, etc.). New foods this month (and I stopped keeping track, so this may be the last month for this): cod, tomato, egg yolk, snow peas, whole egg, lemon, green pepper, mushroom, cherry, salmon, rhubarb, asparagus, orange. We're finding that acidic foods and dairy are difficult on your system, so right now you just get minimal acidic foods (apple, tomato, and tiny bits of citrus) and no dairy at all.

One of the areas I'm still totally surprised and delighted about is your language development. You could already say "Mama" last month, and shortly after I wrote the ten month update, you said your second word, "Eddie," which is of course, the name of one of our cats. (I don't think Papa's too upset at getting ranked below the cat, but maybe you could throw him a bone and say Papa sometime soon, ok?) So you can say Eddie, which sounds like "ee-dah" or "ee-dee," though you say it to refer to either of the cats, so you might just think that "Eddie" means "cat," which is definitely true in our house. More recently, you have started to say what seems to be "Hi, Daniel." Since we say that to you all the time, you seem to think that's how we greet each other. It sounds like "eye-da-dah." Also, you have definitely started to associate head shaking (side-to-side) with the word "no," and you've started to shake your head and say "mo," though we're not sure yet if you really mean "no" or not. These developments seem early to me, but you've always been very vocal, so it also feels pretty natural. I love seeing how excited you get when you say something and one of us repeats it back to you, and you know we understand. How very fun!

Saturday, on your eleven month birthday, we took you out for your very first bike ride ever. It was a whole lot of fun for all three of us, mostly because you enjoyed yourself so much. You rode on the front of my bike in your new seat, wearing your new helmet (both of which were gifts from your grandparents—thank you!). I could see you getting excited and clapping at the beginning of the ride, and when we stopped for a drink break, your eyes were watering from keeping them open in the wind. We finished off the trip by going by the grocery store for a meal together, and then we rode back home. I'm looking forward to many, many more bike rides with you snuggled in there safe between my arms.

Witnessing your experience of this magnificent world is truly a joy and a privilege. Here's to this wild ride!



  1. Yeah for 11 months!!! I love that you're doing this from the beginnning of his life. So much happens each month and as much as we can't imagine forgetting, we do. Because the next month is so full!
    The bike photo is great!

  2. Is there anything sweeter than hearing "mama" for the first time? I think there is not.

    Great post. I miss the little guy! (and his mama)

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