Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NPN Favorites

Visit Natural Parents NetworkAs you may know, I volunteer for Natural Parents Network. NPN is a supportive community geared toward natural-minded parents and parents-to-be which aims to inform, empower, and inspire.

I am a part of a wonderful team of volunteers made up of many, many incredibly talented and inspirational writers who keep the many facets of NPN running smoothly. Today, the members of the NPN team are sharing their favorite posts (or just any 'ole one they felt like sharing) from their personal blogs.

I chose to share Tea Time, a post from my series on balance about a ritual I practice to help balance the busyness of mothering with a little "me time." I'd love it if you'd consider submitting a guest post for my series on balance about how you search for/find/maintain balance in any aspect of your life. I'll be happy to host your article, poem, photo series, tutorial, or whatever you feel inspired to share!

Without further ado, here are the other NPN volunteers' favorite posts—please go show them some love!


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