Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Mostly Wordless Wednesday: Snoozin'

Daniel has self-established a bedtime of 8:00 PM, and if he falls asleep before that time, he wakes up shortly after and wants to stay up for hours. As a result, some evenings Jaymz and I do our best to keep him awake until 8, so we can all have a quality night of sleep. Here are two evenings when it didn't work:
This attempt by Jaymz to wake Daniel up
was totally ineffective.

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  1. Oh that top pic is TOO funny! And way to go on the self-established bed time. Sasha varies when she goes to sleep. It depends on how active she has been and whether she has had a nap. She goes through late phases vs. later phases. lol

    It has been after midnight lately, but I know we'll be back to 10-ish soon. People think that sounds SO late for such a young child, but why? She still sleeps the same amount.

  2. Haha! Mine will do the same thing (but his semi-self-established bedtime isn't until a little later...). It's amazing how soundly they can sleep sometimes, but then others, the smallest creak of a floorboard and they're up up up!

    Cute photos!

  3. That is one determined sleeper! I love it.

    We have the same problem. If Mikko naps in the car, for instance, we're in for it for the night. He gets his second wind and…yeah. Oh, well!

    @Momma Jorje: Same here! We're just a family of night owls, I guess. Here's hoping the second baby is the same, or we're in trouble…

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  4. Wow, sleeping bat baby - love it! Gotta agree with Panda...can't understand how sometimes I can go into the kids room with a trumpet and they wouldn't stir yet other times I sneeze and they are awake!

    Visiting from Natural
    Parents Network


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