Monday, March 14, 2011

Amigurumi Turtle

This post was written for inclusion in the March Families Create! blog carnival hosted by Dionna at Code Name: Mama and Mandy at Living Peacefully With Children. This month's theme was animals.

I made this sweet little crocheted amigurumi sea turtle for Daniel recently. It was my first try at making an animal, and it was really fun. It was so quick! I worked on it intermittently, and it still only took two days. I might even make a whole turtle family.

I used this pattern from For the Love of Yarn. The pattern has lots of great photographs included. I used my favorite kind of yarn, Lion Brand Homespun yarn. It comes in the best colors!

I used black embroidery thread instead of safety eyes because I wanted Daniel to be able to put it in his mouth without having to worry about the eyes coming dislodged by accident.

All the turtle parts, ready for stuffing and assembly
(top shell, bottom shell, tail, legs, and head)

Fully assembled except for the top shell

I added a rattle to the center so he could have fun shaking it (that's the first thing he does when he picks up a toy—he shakes it to see if it makes a sound). I made the rattle out of a tiny empty glass bottle (about an inch long) and some small spare hardware, so it makes a higher-pitched sound than most other rattles. (I forgot to take a photo of the rattle before I closed up the turtle...oops.) If you happen to know where I can find a squeaker to put inside the next critter I make, I'd love to know!

We haven't named the turtle yet. Do you have any suggestions?

March’s Families, Create! challenge was filled with awesome animal-themed posts. From Mo Willems to monkey finger puppets, our writers and crafters kept busy getting creative with the little animals in their lives. Visit Code Name: Mama and Living Peacefully with Children to find out how you can participate in the next Families, Create! Carnival. Our April's theme is "Fantasy" - childhood is a fascinating time, filled with magic around every corner. What can your family imagine and create?

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  1. That is adorable! Very nice work. Crocheting one is out of the question for me but maybe I could make a turtle out of sweaters... Might have to try it!

  2. Thanks, Jenny! I would love to see a sweater turtle! The owls you make are so cute, I'm sure you can't go wrong.

  3. Cuuute! Nice. I love amigurumi toys because they are so quick. I'm stockpiling some of my own to sell @ the farmer's market this summer! =) You can buy squeakers on etsy~you might also give Michael's a try!

  4. So friggin' cute!! Hrm... I will check out the pattern. I haven't crocheted in ages!

  5. That is SO sweet!! How long have you been crocheting? I've never tried - if it's easier than knitting, maybe I should ;)

  6. This makes me wish I could crochet. Super cute!

  7. So so so so cute! I only want to learn to crochet so I can do amigurumi like this. Adorable!

  8. Super Cute! I can see my next amigurumi animal is going to have to be this one!

  9. Goodness! These are really beautiful! You're so very talented!

  10. Thank you all so much for the compliments! I wasn't sure how it would turn out, but I was really proud of the result and it has become one of Daniel's favorite toys (since it makes noise).

    @Dionna: I have not yet been able to get the hang of knitting, but I've picked up crochet on my own fairly easily. Like learning any new thing, I think the key is to start slowly. But really, I find crochet to be much simpler than knitting. Oh, and to answer your question, I've been crocheting for about 4.5 years...and I taught myself from books and online tutorials.

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