Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Less-Words Wednesday: Cats <3 Yarn

This is one of the reasons it takes me so long to finish a crochet project:

Eddie is like an expert safe-cracker when it comes to getting into my yarn. He can burrow into a closed drawstring bag with the strings tied together. If the drawers where I keep my yarn aren't locked, he can get into them, too. Before Eddie, I had Jack pretty well trained when it came to yarn...he could look, but not touch (mostly):

Then Eddie came along, and he's a bad influence. Now, if I leave the room for a minute with my yarn out, it will be gone when I get back:
I went to the bathroom (so I was gone maybe two minutes) and he got all the way up and back down the stairs with the ball of yarn, a partially finished granny square, and a crotchet hook. Naughty!

If I leave my yarn out overnight, I wake up to this:
I found this in the middle of the night when I was about 5 months pregnant. When I left it, it was a partially completed project and neatly wound ball. I spent about an hour or so untangling the yarn from the furniture and winding it back into a ball. I still haven't restarted that project.

Do you have any animal-meets-craft-project disaster stories to share? I'd love some commiseration!

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  1. Ok, that's either heartbreaking or hilarious, depending on your mood at the time! I'm impressed with how determined Eddie is. And they both look so innocent…

  2. @Lauren: You're totally right. Sometimes it's devastating and sometimes it's funny...usually it's somewhere in the vicinity of fairly annoying. They really are sweet kitties, though!

  3. Oh, the sweetness of your kitty!

    So ... may I ask how one learns to crochet? Can it be learned from a book, perhaps?

  4. @Rachael: Absolutely! I learned mostly from crochet pattern books (and still look for help from online tutorials when I'm trying something new). I started off making lots of got me used to the motions and stitches. I hope you try it, and good luck! =)


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