Monday, December 27, 2010

Positive Intentions for Travel

I'm flying with Daniel for the first time tomorrow to see family in Louisiana. I've been quite nervous about the trip, but I've decided to stop thinking about all the things that might go wrong.

Instead, I'm setting some peaceful and happy intentions for our traveling experience:
  • Daniel and I will arrive to the airport rested and on time.
  • Security will move quickly, and I will feel comfortable and confident as I pass through the screening(s).
  • We will find a comfortable seat on the plane, ready to carry us to our destination.
  • The person who sits next to us will be friendly and respectful.
  • The flight attendants and people sitting around us will be supportive of (or indifferent to) breastfeeding.
  • Daniel will nurse and sleep comfortably and happily throughout the flights.
  • When he is awake, he will be amused by all the new things and people he can experience around him.
  • The flight will go smoothly, so we will be able to walk in the aisle and visit the bathroom as often as we need to.
  • We will arrive in our destination safely and on time.
  • Our luggage will arrive with us and in good condition.
  • If something happens that I'm not expecting, I will be able to handle it with grace and a sense of humor.
  • Traveling is fun!
Do you have any you'd like to add? Do you have to get yourself geared up for travel like I do? Tell me all about it!


  1. One more bullet point: This will be an adventure shared between you and Daniel that you will cherish and remember forever. :)

  2. best bullet.."If something happens that I'm not expecting, I will be able to handle it with grace and a sense of humor"

    Good luck with your flight. I traveled by air quite a bit with my first son. Make sure you are ready to nurse as plane ascends & descends to help your son's ears. I would have a pacifier or bottle of water ready in case he's totally not interest in nursing to wiggle around in his mouth to get him to suck/open close mouth. Sometimes in the cramped seating arrangements it is hard to get them sucking on the breast right when you want them to, but a fake nipple (even if you don't regularly use one) is easier to get baby sucking/opening mouth to avoid ear pain.

  3. Hi Amy, Love your blog, you have an excellent voice! How did the flying go? We flew last week to/from Mexico and it was disastrous, but here we are now, Alive and Well. =)

  4. @Danica: Thank you! So glad to hear you're reading. The flights went very well, actually. I'll be posting about it tomorrow. =)


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