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Giveaway: Modest Middles nursing tank top (1/14, US) CLOSED

The giveaway is now closed. Stay tuned to hear the winner announcement. Thank you all so much for entering!

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Modest Middles out to dinner
Modest Middles is offering our readers a giveaway of a Modest Middles nursing tank top, perfect for comfortably breastfeeding in public while still wearing your favorite nursing bra!


About Modest Middles


Modest Middles is a company started by Amy Maschue, a wife and mother of five young children. Like most great ideas, Modest Middles was hatched out of a need for something that just wasn't available. Amy says she came up with the idea because she couldn't "find a nursing shirt that looked good and kept me covered, while allowing me to easily access the nursing bra of my choice. I couldn't find it so I designed what I needed."

How it works:
You put on your favorite nursing bra, then put on your Modest Middle, then put any shirt on top.

The tank comes in three colors: nude, black, and white. I'd love to see Modest Middles come out with some other colors for some more variety. The fabric content is 93% modal, 7% spandex. Washing instructions are: "Wash in cold water. Lay flat to dry." I've found that this tank washes well and easily, and it even dries fairly fast!


What I Thought


I was so excited to review this tank top from Modest Middles. Since I started nursing my baby, I've been a fan of the "up and down" approach to staying (somewhat) covered while breastfeeding. (I wear a nursing tank top and another shirt, lift up my top shirt and pull down the tank top to nurse.) The concern for me has never been about exposing my breast in public, but rather that I don't want the whole world to see my belly and back when I'm nursing. Plus, in these colder months, it's nice to be a little more covered up! I bought expensive nursing tank tops, which I still love, but sometimes I wanted to wear a more supportive and flattering bra, while still keeping my belly covered.

My son nurses while I sit on a stack of rugs at IKEA.
Modest Middles kept me covered!
These tanks seem to be an especially great solution for those of us who don't fit well into "standard" size nursing tanks because of larger breasts. (I know I enjoy wearing a more supportive bra most days than any tank top can provide for my breasts, which have gotten much larger from pregnancy and nursing.) If you can't buy a comfortable nursing tank "off the rack," then this tank top will be perfect for your nursing tank top needs.
Sizing chart:
Size Small Modest Middle for Standard Shirt Size 0-6
Size Medium Modest Middle for Standard Shirt Size 8-12
Size Large Modest Middle for Standard Shirt Size 14-18
Size X-Large Modest Middle for Standard Shirt Size 18+
The site advises that if you're between sizes (and who of us nursing a baby doesn't have a body that's somewhat in flux?) to order the smaller size. I was skeptical about this at first, because I hate getting clothes that are too small. I ended up ordering a size Medium. When I received my Modest Middle and took it out of the packaging, I was sure I had gotten the wrong size; it looked so tiny! But then I put it on, and it fits great. (I think I just wasn't used to seeing a tank top without the chest portion of the fabric.) Also, the fabric is very stretchy, and it is meant to fit close to the body, to "hug" your middle. It comes all the way up to right under the band of my bra, so no belly, back, or side skin is showing.

I really like this tank top. It's very soft and stretchy, but it stays put and doesn't ride up throughout the day. I never have to pull it down or adjust it at all, and it has adjustable straps, so it will adapt to different torso lengths. The straps naturally sit on the outside of your bra strap (more toward your shoulder than your neck), so that could be an issue if you were wearing a thin-strapped tank top on top of your Modest Middle. As a solution to this, it's very easy to wrap the strap around your nursing bra strap to keep all the straps in line with each other. I found it more comfortable to wear this way all the time, regardless of what shirt I was wearing on top of the Modest Middle.

The only think I didn't like about it (and it's a minor thing) is that the straps are a little scratchy. I don't notice them very much, if at all, once I have all of my clothes on. Wrapping the strap around my bra clasp (as pictured above) does help to make the straps less noticeable.

Overall, I'm very pleased with my Modest Middle tank top. It's comfortable, the fabric is soft and stretchy, and it stays in place and helps me to feel comfortable nursing whenever and wherever, while still being able to wear whatever bra I want.



Modest Middles line drawingYou can buy Modest Middles nursing tank tops from Modest Middle's online shop.
Buying Modest Middles is as easy as 1,2, or 3!
  • 1 MODEST MIDDLE for $29.99
  • 2 MODEST MIDDLES for $53.99 (20% off 2nd Modest Middle!)
  • 3 MODEST MIDDLES for $69.99 (20% off 2nd & 50% off 3rd Modest Middle!)

You also get FREE shipping/handling on any order of 3 Modest Middles.
Made in the USA. Available in black, white and nude and sizes S-XL.
Wear Me Wraps babywearing wraps are on sale for $39.99.
Modest Middles are also available in some retail stores.




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  1. This is a great design that will avoid the dreaded "line under the shirt" that my current nursing tank top has...would love to win it!

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  8. What a great giveaway! I am always self conscious when breastfeeding & having my body hang out. This is the perfect option to feel a little more covered up, especially in these colder months.
    I hope to win!

  9. oh this is great, my son is 2 weeks old now, and my side gets COLD when i feed him!


  10. I hate the feeling of having my stomach and back showing when I nurse in public. I use a cover but I never feel covered enough. This design is genius!


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  17. i like them because i can use my nursing bra which i think offers better support.

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  19. Learned that Amy designed the shirts to be 1 in longer than the average t. joleehamlin [at] comcast [dot] net

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