Monday, November 1, 2010

On ankle sprains and clumsiness

I sprained my ankle last night in a freak accident involving stepping on a plastic back massager. I've just returned from a visit to Urgent Care, where the nice Physician's Assistant (named Amy, too!) wrapped my ankle and told me to rest.

My little family is no stranger to ankle sprains, as Jaymz sprained his right around Christmas last year. He was running to catch the train in an effort to make it to work on time, but sadly, missed the train and we went to Urgent Care instead. It happened as I was just beginning to get out of the constant queasiness of early pregnancy. We spent Christmas day together on the couch, trying to stay warm and medicating ourselves with tea and ginger ale (me) and Vicodin and ice (Jaymz).

I had the thought this morning that the sprain is kind of like punishment for not keeping my house more tidy....but I don't really believe that. I'm just a little clumsy. I've slipped and fallen down the stairs more times than I care to admit. My mom has even bought me non-skid socks to wear and I've been ordered to never walk around without shoes, and I am. I have a rule of thumb that it's time to clean the house after I've injured myself—usually by stubbing a toe or bumping into something that's out of place. But this time it's gone too far. I think I need a new litmus test.

So, I want to know: Have you ever injured yourself by being too hasty (running for the train) or just plain clumsy (stepping on a back massager)? Does your mom buy you non-skid socks for your birthday every year, but you have yet to take the hint? I'd love to hear your story!


  1. Don't you mean you sprained your anktangle? Bah-dum-ching.. Sorry you did, Amy.

  2. Good one, Bro! Of course that's what I meant. =)

  3. That sucks! Have a speedy recovery! Luckily, I'm not that clumsy, but I have been stepping on my daughter's blocks lately- ouch! I've stubbed my toes on a number of things, too. One night when I spent the night at a childhood friend's house, her mom came up with a bloody foot saying that she stepped on a saw. That inspired me to at least not leave out tools strewn about the basement (fast forward, my husband is the one who leaves out his tools in the basement, ugh...). Those are just a few things that I thought of; I'm sure there are more examples. Wishing you a safer future!

  4. I sprained my foot twice in 2008. The first time in april was like more of my foot and the second time in september, actually my ankle. Both times were stepping off the curb... not dancing or anything fancy. And then the first time it was so bad and I also danced on it for a while before finally going to the health center where I first got misdiagnosed as tendonitis before the orthopedist I was referred to decided it was a sprain and then I did all this PT and actually the first time I was allowed to dance after like three months was at peace camp that year (that yall were too busy being in love in oregon to be at... lol) and it seemed to be rehabbing fine until right at the beginning of september when it happened again--it was even more traumatic the second time because i just did not feel like i could deal with all that drama again, but fortunately it was not as bad of a sprain--and i already had a fancy foot brace from the orthopedist so it ended up being fine. though honestly, i don't think my foot has ever quite forgiven me, it still gets really tight muscles sometimes and i still have to stretch it more. no fun.

    that's a long story but i know you totally wanted to know :)

  5. housekeeping injuries... where do I begin? It always happens because I'm in a hurry and changing directions. Like yesterday when I had left the table leaning against the trash can, the table landed on my foot and my bread landed butter side down. I once broke my baby toe on the vacuum cleaner, also skied down the stairs in my socks and landed on my tailbone, chipped a tooth when I turned my head into a brick wall, and I can't tell you how many times I've smacked the top of my head cleaning the chicken coop (chickens are short!). We should all take a breath and slow down.

  6. Otherwise, you'll just keep getting sprains. So I'd strongly recommend that you go to PT again, and that once PT is done, you continue to do those exercises.

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